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One family has a deluxe Apartment in the Sky All by Themselves

For one lucky family they have run of their condo building. Why you say because they the only buyers who was able to move in to Oasis Towers.

For the Vangelakos family of Weekhawken,NJ a New York City suburb has planned to use the Ft.Myer condo  as a vacation home. Most of other buyer in Oasis Tower I where the Vangelakos call their home away from home had demanded their money back or to transfer the mortgages to the newer Oasis II building.

Victor Vangelakos the family patriarch tried to make the change and get the difference to no avail.  The Vangelakos lender would not make the change, said Betsy Ku Mc Coy Vice President and Corporate Counselor for Related Companies the developer of Oasis I and II.

The Vanelakos  kinda like being alone the building but its creepy. The get to us the clubhouse and some of the amenities but  they cant watch the huge plasma tv “We haven’t found the remote controls,” Victor said.  They also hear intruders in their building especially at night. One evening there were people in the pool area of the condo “and the next day all our chairs were in the pool.”

The family want  to move to Oasis II but they are having problem with Related and the Vangelakos has hired an attorney John Ewing of Ft. Lauderdale to help them to leave for the newer building.

“They have the ability to buy him out,” Ewing said. “They can resolve this in a fair way.”

However McCoy of Related blames the lender JP Morgan Chase

“His concerns have not fallen on deaf ears,”McCoy said“What he paid went to our lender, it didn’t come to us.”  She also blame the fall in housing market to the troubles.

“We did not foresee, nor did anyone else foresee, the collapse of the real estate business and the concurrent collapse of the lending industry,” McCoy said. “They’re caught and we’re caught.”

The News-Press

The Beer Summit

The President Held the beer summit at the White House. The president and Vice President Joe Biden hosted Prof. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard University, Jr and Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge Police who were involved in the infamous confrontation  that happened  over three and half weeks ago. The event took place at the Rose Garden of the White House Grounds.

After the summit the Sgt. Crowley held his own press conference. Crowley call the meeting productive, But agree to disagree with Professor Gates. And said Everyone is looking forward.

For his part President Obama call the event “friendly, thoughtful conversation.” President learned that Prof. Gates and Sgt. Crowley has contacted each other  several before the meeting.

Said Obama: “I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart. I am confident that has happened here tonight, and I am hopeful that all of us are able to draw this positive lesson from this episode.”

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Cambridge,MA 911 caller, Lucia Whalen speaks out on Gate/ Crowley Afffair

The woman who called the police two and half weeks ago held a press conference in Cambridge,MA.  During the press conference Lucia Whalen describes the ordeal she has went through since describe the incident involving Harvard University Prof. Henry Louis Gates,Jr and  his chauffer/bodyguard and the eventual confrontation with Sgt. James Crawley of the Cambridge Police.

Whalen has received death threats, called a racist since then. An example of the criticism Whalen has experienced:

“Whites like Lucia have bigotry programmed into them,” one Cambridge blogger

wrote. “Her description of the two black males is just so, so bigoted. Not only that, it could have led to people getting shot unnecessarily.”

The problem was she did not give until she was prompted by the 911 opperator and she gave the racial description as Hispanic.

Whalen took pains to avoid race. “People called me racist and said I caused all the turmoil that flowed, and some even said threatening things that made me fear for my safety,” Whalen said Wednesday.

Asked if she would do it again.

“I have had much reflection on that,” Whalen said, “and, yes, I would make the call.”

President Poll Numbers are down still above 50%

From Gallup; President Obama poll numbers continues to drop. The President’s approval is 53% . His disapproval numbers is at 39%. The good news is his is still over 50% approval. If the numbers do not turn around  getting the rest of his agenda will be difficult if not impossible to be implemented including cap and trade and health care into legislation.

Obama: Health Care Vote Postponed Until October

The president’s poll numbers down, and losing political capital; Barack Obama has announced the health care reform vote will take place at the end of September or the middle of October.

This bill, even in the best-case scenario, will not be signed — we won’t even vote on it probably until the end of September or the middle of October,” he said in a session here to muster public support for the reforms.

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“We’re just trying to get all these different bills out of committee,” he said.

Obama want to bills ready for a vote and his signature by this August 7th. But opposition grew among Republican and so-called “Blue Dog Democrats” in the House of Representatives.

Look The House and Senate to try again in September. Look for the politicians get an ear full from the voter against or in favor this during the summer break.


Home Grown Terror in North Carolina

Another reminder for the American People starting with President Barack Obama  in Raleigh, NC  where seven people who were charged with Terrorist activities. Some have history in the Soviet/Afghanistan War of the 1980’s.

Ironically with President who has dropped the phrase “War on Terror with with the phrase “enduring struggle against terrorism and extremism”  will face the issue head on in Raleigh Today  which he trying to focus on the Health Care Reform act; which is the reason he coming to the Triangle area and its need passage by Friday in the House of Representatives in Washington,D.C.

The ringleader an American  Daniel Patrick Boyd 39 of Johnston County, N.C. in rural suburban Raleigh a red head man  white man,  his sons Zakariya Boyd 20,  Dylan Boyd,22;  Ziyad  Yaghi, 21.   Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22; Hysen Sherifi 24, ; Anes Subasic, 33. All are American citizens except Sherifi who is a Kosovo national who is a US  legal resident.

Boyd who goes by “Saifullah” which means Sword of God worked to provide resources to terrorist over the past three years. Boyd converted Islam in the early 1980’s and has been to Afghanistan and Pakistan at the End of the Afghan/ Soviet war around 1988.  That may have  ferment hate for his country.

The families of the suspect are upset and concerned about labeling all Muslims  as terrorists and state their loved on are innocent of all charges.

Don Suber  and The following tv stations have more on the case:

Special thanks to:

Don Suber /Charleston (V.W.) Daily Mail via Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) for extensive  coverage.

A.P via Google News



Liberals Keep Your Hands Off My Junk Food.

An LA Times blogger Melissa Healy of Booster Shots blog On Monday tells of plans to pay for “Public-option” health care by taxing bad food with a tax. The tax would range from 10 to 30% on fast food, candy, cakes; pies, etc.The plans coming from Urban Institute. This scheme is employed by the United Kingdom in form of tax on  least healthy food recently. This would catch the British possibly $ 250 million (US) over 5 years, and in 10 years the Kingdom would possibly collect $544 million.

While that may solve the obesity problem. We in the United States like to make up our own minds.  This nation has become nanny state and we are losing our independents. I admit to being a sweet eater. There area days I just don’t eat sweets or salty products and I am obese. This is should be an individual choice.

As much as smoking. In which the feds  as well as state and local government taking off cigarette advertising, restricting where to smoke both in public and private. What bugs me liberal accuse conservative of trying to control sexual behavior. On one big problem we fail epically. ( Mark Sanford,John Ensign, Mark Foley; Larry Craig an  Ted Haggard  just to name a few). Federal court have struck down any all legislation to protect children from porn because of the 1 st Amendment. But liberals have been controlling behavior. I hate smoking I try to encourage my dad quit. And he did before he had a heart attack back in 1982. (Thank God he survive.) People do quit doing bad behavior. It’s their decision. Let leave at that.

This is one of the many reason that I am no longer a Democrat( I am neither a Republican.) Many people make that decision. This should be individual choice.

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