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Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday, America it is a time of Celebration of our nation. We thank and honor those who serve and died for our county. We thanks those who served admirably for their service.From the American Revolution to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq I say thank you.

Today America, is nation in transition. Unemployment rate is at 9.6%, that’s 14.5 million people out of work. This is equivalent of the State of Illinois and the Oklahoma City Metro area unemployment. The spending by our leaders in Washington and our respected state , County, and City are nearly broke. The people are coming together to express themselves in TEA parties. Demanding accountability from our leaders.

We can unite under the Stars and Stripes our differences, conservatives, liberals and independents. Hope in a better days for all Americans of all stripes. Never. Give.Up! America. Can. Do.It!

Thank You all


Shock: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Resigns

In a stunning news on Friday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced her resignation as governor. Saying she was tired of fighting  and the nonsense by the left and feeling ineffective with the allegations misconduct, Palin will turn the reigns of power to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell on July 26th.

Reaction was swift many felt that Palin has flaked out on her obligations many liberals expressed. Many conservatives were split, Some thought that she as abandoned her post instead of  finishing her term as Governor in 2010. Others like Conservative Columnist Bill Kristol  is hopping Palin was considering running for president.

The announcement came on the heels of a scathing article in Vanity Fair magazine  which criticizes Palin for being a inexperience hayseed and Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer saying not ready for national the stage.

I for one was shocked with the announcement. I believed if she hang on to finish her term it would set the groundwork to run for senate against Lisa Murkowski the incumbent senator who term ends in 2010. I hope this is not the last we hear from Sarah Palin. Governor Palin, Mr. Palin and family I wish you all nothing but the best.


The Politico

TEA Parties Dot the Landscape on 4th of July

As the Nation pauses for Independence Day. Many are making plans to the let their voices be heard with TEA Parties. From Sea to shinning sea thousands will gather at city and town halls; County offices and Courthouses and State capitols and in Washington D.C.; to express their displeasure  with the Obama Administration tax and spending ways.

While I won’t able attend a TEA party; I encourage others to do so. With 9.6 unemployment; the federal government spending Trillions (yes, Trillions) on programs that have not lived up to the hype. State, County, City  governments on the brink of bankruptcy.  The politicians are listening to their special interest groups and ignoring will of the voters.

Now is the time the politicians need to heed the voter warning or come November 2010 many will find themselves out of a job. I think thats’ a good thing. So take time out remember those who fought and died for freedom and liberty, speak out let your voice be heard.

Here are some Pre-Independence Day fun from Houston, Dayton, Atlanta.

From Houston:

Standing up to the Politicians at the Houston TEA Party

Standing up to the Politicians at the Houston TEA Party

From Dayton over 4,000 gathered in Downtown Dayton for a TEA Party

Thousands gather at Dayton, OH TEA Party

Thousands gather at Dayton, OH TEA Party

TEA Party Marrieta,Georgia

4000 meet at the Marietta, GA TEA Party

4000 meet at the Marietta, GA TEA Party

Las Vegas where many brave 100-Plus degree heat courtesy Cranky Hermit via Instapundit.

From the July 3rd Las Vegas TEA Party

From the July 3rd Las Vegas TEA Party

Special thanks to Michelle Malkin with a column that says what Independence Day means and she says it better than I can .  Michelle has links including to Tea Party Patriots site for additional information on today TEA party extravaganzas nationwide.

Also From Special thanks to  Instapundit.