Home Grown Terror in North Carolina

Another reminder for the American People starting with President Barack Obama  in Raleigh, NC  where seven people who were charged with Terrorist activities. Some have history in the Soviet/Afghanistan War of the 1980’s.

Ironically with President who has dropped the phrase “War on Terror with with the phrase “enduring struggle against terrorism and extremism”  will face the issue head on in Raleigh Today  which he trying to focus on the Health Care Reform act; which is the reason he coming to the Triangle area and its need passage by Friday in the House of Representatives in Washington,D.C.

The ringleader an American  Daniel Patrick Boyd 39 of Johnston County, N.C. in rural suburban Raleigh a red head man  white man,  his sons Zakariya Boyd 20,  Dylan Boyd,22;  Ziyad  Yaghi, 21.   Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22; Hysen Sherifi 24, ; Anes Subasic, 33. All are American citizens except Sherifi who is a Kosovo national who is a US  legal resident.

Boyd who goes by “Saifullah” which means Sword of God worked to provide resources to terrorist over the past three years. Boyd converted Islam in the early 1980’s and has been to Afghanistan and Pakistan at the End of the Afghan/ Soviet war around 1988.  That may have  ferment hate for his country.

The families of the suspect are upset and concerned about labeling all Muslims  as terrorists and state their loved on are innocent of all charges.

Don Suber  and The following tv stations have more on the case:

Special thanks to:

Don Suber /Charleston (V.W.) Daily Mail via Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) for extensive  coverage.

A.P via Google News



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