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Americans and Canadians Killed in Attacks in Afghanistan

A suicide bomber  attack a US base in  eastern Afghanistan killing eight American civilians the  biggest attack since October 2009. Four Canadian soldiers and a journalist in an attack in southern Afghanistan NATO said. has the rest of the story.

Obama Admits Intellgence Failure in Attempted Bombing

On  Tuesday President Obama admitted human and  systemic failure of  American intelligence  and Security regarding the failed attempted bombing of Delta flight 253 on Christmas Day.  In a statement the President admits that the CIA had  information that should have cause “red flags” and may have prevented attempted terrorist attack.

“There was a mix of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security,” Obama said.

A senior Obama Administration  official told the AP that CIA is review  conversation between Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and  a member of Al-Qadea on The Arabian Peninsula. The official did not say how they communicate by  Cell phone,  e-mail or another way

The spokesman for the administration on condition of anonymity said the conversations were in code but the intelligence  industry believes in that Al Qaeda  messages intercepted were talking about Addulmutallab and the Detroit attack.

“Had this critical information been shared, it could have been compiled with other intelligence, and a fuller, clearer picture of the suspect would have emerged,” Obama said in a brief statement to the media. “The warning signs would have triggered red flags, and the suspect would have never been allowed to board that plane for America.

The sources told the AP the reason that the President spoke out again on Tuesday because of new information.

Breitbart has more.

Texas is the Shining Star of Population Growth

The Lone Star State of Texas is the shining star population and economic growth.

A report from the US Census bureau has found Texas and Wyoming has were the states that grew in the year that ended July 1st, 2009. More people move to Texas than any other state. While Wyoming is its growth in percentage of population.

CNN Money has the rest of the  story.

Presenting The Underwear Bomb

The Underwear Bomb

ABC News has obtain picture of the underwear bomb of  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab the 23-year-old Nigerian who wearing explosive device on Northwest/Delta Flight 253  Ansterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.

The underwear had a packet of PETN explosives sown in the crotch.

The bombers underwear sans bomb.

The second picture shows the underwear with the bomb on the side. The six-inch long package filled the explosive of PETN  weighing 80 grams about a half- cup amount.

A US government test of PETN found that 50 grams would put a hole in fuselage of a jet. The 50 grams  amount of PETN was the amount of Richard Reid aka the shoe bomber over Christmas 2000.

The 80 grams  found on Abdulmutallab was one and a half times  powerful than the shoe bomber.

ABC News

Al Qaeda Claims Responsiblity for Attempted Bomb:Revenge

Al-Qadea in Arabian Peninsula claims responsibility for the attempted bombing of Delta Flight 253 on Christmas Day. The attack was in response series of raid in December at n Al-Qadea camp.  US monitor messages via SITE Intelligence a website that keeps aware of Al-Qadea doings.

On Monday Al-Qadea acknowledges that the website posting had a “technical fault”; which means the site gives bad instructions to bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab that causes the bomb not go off.

The website message  has a picture of Abdulmutallab  and statement said “Nigerian brother” broke all security barriers for his operation, dispelling the “great myth” of American intelligence.

The bomb materials including explosive PETN was developed by mujahedeen by Al Qaeda “manufacturing department,” the statement added.

A second US Monitoring site  IntelCenter confirmed the  statement.

The  posting also calls for  Muslims  in Western Military to repent for their service and calls for them to kill all “Crusaders” by all means  necessary.

The Yemen Government said Yemen would not become a haven for Al Aqeda like Afghanistan is.

“Yemen is a land of peace and security, and will never be a refuge for these terrorist murderers and drug traffickers,” the defence ministry newspaper quoted a senior security official as saying.

“Our mountains will never be a new Tora Bora for them,” the official added, referring to the Afghan hideout where US-backed Afghan opposition forces came close to capturing or killing Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in December 2001.

“We will hunt them down until we have rooted out their terrorism and cleansed Yemeni soil of their satanic crimes,” the newspaper’s quoted the official as saying.

Breitbart News has the rest of the story.

Homeland Security Chief Says “System Works” Then Retracts Statement

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano needs take an indefinite leave  of absence or resign her post after Friday attempted bombing of Delta Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

On Sunday Napolitano claimed that  the system worked.    “Everything went according to clockwork.” said Secretary Napolitano on  FOX News.

The White House and Homeland Security came under fire for  the statement. On Monday,  Secretary Nopalitano says the Terror Protection system “Failed Miserably.”

Brietbart has the video of correction.

“The comment is being taken out of context.” said  Homeland Security Chief Janet Nopalitano on NBC Today Show.

You Tube

H/T: Breitbart

Arizona can  someone tell  me How this woman go elected to Governor of  Arizona and Homeland  Security Chief.  This woman’s incompetence is breathtaking. I thought Janet Reno  was bad  this is so much  worse.

Iranian Police Clash With Protesters

Iranian Police  attack protester on Saturday in Tehran. The protest on comes on police prepare for a series  demonstrations to Iran’s leaders during religious festival and mourning a Shiite cleric  an opposition website said.

The website Rah-e-Sabz site says that Iranian police including The Revolutionary Guard and the Basijis a paramilitary force in Iran sprayed the demonstrators  with tear gas and pepper spray trying force them disperse.

The  protest comes on the first ten days of the  Moharram a time mourning for a beloved Shiite saint.

Also Iranian protesters are mourning an opposition leader the Grand Ayatollah Hossien Ali Montazei who  died Sunday. Sources say more protest on the way.

AP via My Way News has more.