Monthly Archives: November 2012

Congratulation Mr. President, Now Can You Compromise withe Republicans on the Fiscal Cliff

I know it a little late but congratulation Mr. President, Can we compromise with the Republicans on the fiscal cliff. $16 Trillion is ENOUGH we must not ruin your children and my niece and nephew and their eventual children’s’ future. America cannot afford of debt.

November 6th 2012 Another Juneteenth ??

Is November 6, is a another Juneteenth? My dad wondered because he along me and my brother was very disappointed in President Barack Obama. The President has the US economy gone down hill.

I am back!

Hello friends I am Back. I need to take time off of blogging, Nothing serious nor grave. I just taking a break writing. You need to time to re-calibrate yourself. And I did. I’m looking forward writing new post on Issues on life. Join me on this journey. Thank You for your time.