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American Tea Party 2009

There a new wind a-blowin’, that wind is anti tax wind. Not seen herd or felt since the 1970’s The day of the Howard Jarvis Proposition 13 tax revolt that rocked California and changed the tax collection structure  for home owners forever.

In forty US Cities. American came together in ( small but, vocal numbers between 50-600 people) to protest the Stimulus package, $470 billion Omnibus budget (with 7,000 earmarks), the bailouts of the banking industry, the automobile industry, homeowner who lost their homes due to foreclosure.  People across the country are outraged and today they showed their outrage in protests. From San Diego to Hartford, CT people carried signs, banners. They sang and shout; they expressed their anger and frustration with the spending spree  in Washington,D.C.

In San Diego:

Oklahoma City

Tea Party Oklahoma Style

Tea Party Oklahoma Style


 Dumping tea in the Columbia River.

Dumping tea in the Columbia River.



Taxation with deliberaton

Taxation with deliberation

Childs sign says it all:I read the much of the stimulus as my congressman.

Child's sign says it all:"I read the much of the stimulus as my congressman."

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin

This is exciting. But will it continue only will tell.

Bad Joke Cost Los Alamitos Mayor

Dean Grosse, Mayor of Los Alamitos, Ca who sent a racial joke e-mail to friends and colleges using his computer will resign Monday at Los Alamitos City Council meeting.

The e-mail contained a cartoon of the White House with a watermelon patch in front with the phrase” No Easter Egg Hunt This Year”.

Grosse claimed that he didn’t realized that the watermelon  perpetrated a racial stereotype against blacks.

Grosse says, he will remain on the council as city councilman.

Postscript: I am black man who lives in the neighboring town of Hawaiian Gardens,  I routinely go to Los Alamitos to do business, run errands, shop and eat. Its a great little town. But sadly, this has put a bad taste in my mouth.  I don’t think that Dean Grosse is racist but racial issues in American will be  more pronounced for  the next four years. Would I avoid doing business in LosAL(thats the town’s nickname) because of this I could.  It would send a message. But this problem won’t go away.  I won’t boycott Los Al. But I think Gross should resign his city council post as well.

the Mayor must know that Los Alamitos has a tiny black population first beacuse of Los Alamitos is home the US Armed Forces Reserve center (formerly the Los Alamitos Naval Air Station) for more than 50 years. Second, the city demgraphics has changed according to the 2000 US Census which the black population make up 3.2 % of town makeup.   Some are businesspeople as well as residents.  They may want to leave Los AL because of this. Some  maybe city employees who may live there may want to move and work elsewhere.  Actions,  Mr. Mayor has consquences. Think about it.

Newspaper Death Watch

Another sad day for journalism, in Denver today the Rocky Mountain News has shut down.   A combination of factors,  including classified advertising sales down, non-classified ad sales fallen,  young people getting their news from internet sources via search portals like Yahoo, MSN, Excite ;  Social Networks for example MySpace,  Facebook, Twitter, and blogs such as Pajamas Media, Townhall, Daily Kos,the Huffington Post,  just to name a few.

Ten reporters and photographers from the Rocky Mountain News will move over to the Denver Post. The final print edition of the News has been distributed  to the subscribers, retailers newsstands and newspapers racks(machines).  Starting Saturday, February 28, all subscribers of the Rocky Mountain News will new receive the Denver Post.

Denver will join a growing list of Major American cities that are served by one major newspaper:  The Los Angeles Times,  The Baltimore Sun,  Houston Chronicle; San Antonio News-Press,  Dallas Morning News,  Austin American-Statesman;Albuquerque Journal-Review,  Oakland Tribune,  The(Portland)Oregonian;Miami Herald,  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch as the main newspapers in their respective cities.

The shrinking collection of Major US  Cities that have 2 or more newspapers includes: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC,  San Francisco, Seattle and New York City of course.

Incidentally,  San Francisco Chronicle days area numbered, the paper announced this week that they are seeking a buyer , but warned the Chronicle will shut down is an owner isn’t found.  Late Last Year The Seattle Times  would shut down in March if now buyer is found.

Meanwhile the Philadelphia Newspapers,LLC the parent company of the Philadelphia Inquier and Philadelphia Daily News has filed for Chapter 11 Bankrupcy Protection which will the paper to reorganize itself  leaner and meaner in a changing news environment. Newspaper deliveries  have continued without interruptions.

Ironically,  The Rocky Mountain News comes to an end just two months of it 150th  anniversary. The Paper began  April 1859, in  the hamlet of Denver City, Colorado Territory. The paper covered all things Coloardo since and have the awards to prove it  including 10 best sport coverage awards ,10 best business news awards, and  10 photography awards.

The paper will be missed.

California New Budget

On Early Thursday, California, finally got it a budget. State Senator Able Maldonaldo, of  Santa Maria,  a “moderate” Republican voted in favor of the bill.  The bill Contain $14 billion in spending cuts , $5 billion in borrowing, $13 billion in taxes  from the California Lottery and state enterprises and increases in the income tax 5% double the car tax, 1 percentage point increase in the sales tax which equals 14% increase making goods more expensive. Incidentally the tax bite hits families the most up to $140o  on average.

Meanwhile , the  citizens are finding out what the tax is costing them thanks to the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Courtesy of KFI-AM John and Ken Show and they don’t like what the see and read.

Also  from at the John and Ken show, the show has re instituted political human sacrifice. Two years ago the Team instituted the first political human sacrifice opposing the House of Representative member David Dreier (R) of Glendora.  Dreier won re-election,  but it sent a message that the people  unsatisfied with business as usual.

John and Ken is leading the charge  against State Senator Jeff Miller(R) of Orange[ Miller was one of six republican from Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties targeted for recall [ John and Ken pulled miller’s name out of a hat]{John and Ken challenged the these 6 republicans to lead the  overthrow the state assembly minority leader Mike Villines (R) Fresno who like his former state senate counterpart Dave Cogdill who was removed in a meeting last weekend and was replaced by State Senator Dave Hollingsworth(R) Murietta}none of the republicans  in the assembly would remove Villines.

They are lending support  to two other recalls   State Senator Maldonaldo (R) Santa Maria (central coast area)  and State Assemblyman Anthony Adams(R) of Hesperia representing the foothill communities of LA and San Bernadino Counties.   More one the way.

BTW here’s the recall sites:

Recall Abel Maldonaldo

Recall Anthony Adams

The phrase “Power to People” aren’t for Liberal Activist Groups Anymore!

On Tuesday as President Barack Obama signed the $789 billion spending bill at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.  Hundreds of people met  at the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol to protest the nicknamed Porkulus package.  The Demonstration lead nationally By syndicated columnist  and Blogger Michelle Malkin and locally by Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute,  Jeff Paff of Colorado Americans for Prosperity, former Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo denounced the bill.

People in Denver Protest $789 Billion Federal Spending Bill

People in Denver Protest $789 Billion Federal Spending Bill

Courtesy of People Press Collective /via Michelle Malkin.

The  protesters  brought signs, large placards that resemble  over-sized checks  which protesters made the checks to the US Government in  amount of $30,000; which symbolized the amount the each American Family would owe to the Government.  Others wore pig hats and noses. Many brought friends, neighbors  and their Children.

Live pig on steps on Colorado State Capitol

Live pig on steps on Colorado State Capitol

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin

Denver is not the only city where people protest Spending Bill.  Here is Seattle,WA

 Kids protest the stimulus package

Kids protest the stimulus package in Seattle,WA

Courtesy of Byron Dazey of via Michelle Malkin.

The protest was organized by Seatlle local blogger Liberty Belle.

Power to the People isn’t just for Liberals  anymore.

Btw another protest takes place Wedensday in Mesa,AZ  hosted by KFYI-AM morning show host Bruce Jacobs.

The Spending Bill is now law

Tuesday, President Barack Obama  signed the humongous $789 Billion bill  which claims to save  or create 4 million jobs at The Museum of Science and Nature in Denver, CO.  The bill signed by the president  had very little Republican support. So the onus is on him and the Democrats in the House of Representative and Senate.   Only time will tell. Others say this was at the biggest mistake in American History. We’ll see. But I’ m  not too hopeful about it.

Beheading in Buffalo

Orchard Park,NY  Police charged Muzzhamil Hassan 41, with Second Degree Murder of his wife Aaysia Zubhir Hassan.  Mr. Hassan admitted to beheading his wife  to police. The beheading took place at the headquarters of Bridges TV. A television network that the Hassans’ built.

The New York state Chapter of the National Organization for Women have spoke out about the killing,

“This was apparently a terroristic version of honor killing, a murder rooted in cultural notions about women subordination to men,”

Marcia Pappas, President of NOW  New York state Chapter. Muslim community leaders have urged the public not to stereotype the crime as a indicative of the Muslim religion.

Ironically,  Bridges TV  was created to present the Muslim community in a positive light.

Buffalo News has the rest the story