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The White House Press Corp were detained for three hours at Beijing International Airport on Friday.  The plane arrived a few hours after President and Mrs. Bush did. The reason for the detainment official White House  was logistical problems , However,The Northwest Airlines flight crew said Airport security were checking all luggage. More details are here from the AP via Yahoo News:

Meanwhile, There has been a terrorist threat against the Beijing Olympic Games. The Turkistan Islamic Party An ethnic Uigahr and Muslim group seeking revenge for the mis-treatment of the its people by the Chinese government and seeking and independent homeland in Xinjiang province. . The group made a video showing the Beijing Olympic logo burning and an explosion of am Olympic venue calling for a Holy war against The People’s Republic. The video was delivered on August 1. Two US monitoring organization SITE Intellegence Group nad  IntelCenter.  The video tell Muslims to stay away from Olympics locales. More Information here;

If that not bad enough, the government is cracking down on dissidents. Two Chinese women were arrested and detained for protesting  their eviction from their homes to make way for the Olympics; Zhang Wei and Ma Xiulan, were evicted from their homes near Tiananmen Square site of the 1989 massacre of Chinese dissidents which protesting government and wanting freedoms.  The neighborhood called Qianmen just south of the square turned into a upscale shopping district with Rolex, Nike and and Starbucks.

This comes on the heels of protest by foreigners in two Americans who unfold a banner on a flagpole  showing support for the people of Tibet. And American Olympic Speed skater Joey Cheek was stopped from flying to Beijing because he spoke out the war in Darfur. Make one appreciate the freedom and opportunity to live the greatest county on earth more here:

In the UK going green is taking a back seat to saving green

Nearly thirty years ago,  Kermit the  Frog once retorted the line “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” in the Feature Film ” The Muppet Movie” but in the United Kingdom and scenes that play out here and around the world, Environmentalism is taking a back seat to saving.  In this article for Times Of London News paper web site

The paper interviews author Julie Burchill of the newbook “Not in my Name: A Compendium of Modern Hypocrisy” has a few choice word about the leaders of the Evironmential Movement quote

“Environmentalists are po-faced, unsexy, public school alumni who drivel on about the end of the world because they don’t want the working classes to have any fun, go on foreign holidays or buy cheap clothes.”

And Michael O’Leary , Cheif Executive Officer of European low cost airline Ryannair says

” the “nutbag ecologists” are the overindulged rich who have nothing better to do with their lives than talk about hot air and beans.”

Researcher and Pollsters are finding environmental issues  is not the top issue the economy and rising prices are.  Even the Politicians there are rarely bring up the environment in speeches and refuse to raise taxes fearing a backlash from the citizenry.

It not just in Brittan, Here in the US  Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama touted his green credentials. But now the nominee talks about saving instead of recycling.
But in the end it the credit crunch and the economy that has prevailed, people are not wasting food, splurging less, which make people more earth friendly. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are you listening !

More bad news for the Republicans more people are registering Democratic

If news could not get any worse for the G.O.P a New York Times report tell the tale that the war, economy has increasing democratic registration. In New Jersey Democrats went from 23% to 34% vs the Republicans going from 17% to 20% from 2004 to 2008. In Nevada the G.O.P lost ground  going from40% to 36% while the Democrats gained from 40% to 43% 3% increase. An 4 years ago Nevada was dead even between Republican and Democratic parties.

If the tale of the tape holds true November 3rd will be a very long night for the G.O.P.  For the Senator Obama this should be confirmation about their strategy for taking back the White House and veto proof majorities in congress. And Republicans will decide once and for all to be Ronald Reagan’s party of  less taxes, less spending, less regulation, or Will the party continue spending like democrats and the limousine liberals George H.W. Bush to oblivion.

Read the whole thing

Whole Foods Get an Image Makeover

Whole Foods Markets, the vary popular gourmet supermarket chain after being hammered by the U.S. economy is making its self an extreme makeover of sorts. According to this New York Time article                    Whole Food is offering guided tours of the value oriented items the stores carries  like fresh tofu for $1.50 a pound. Or store sale signs another example Organic Seedless Red and Green Grapes $1.99 per pound save $2. Since Winter of 2006 Whole Food stock slid down over 70% .  In addition, the store carrying lower priced brands.  The company hope this makeover will change peoples perceptions of Whole Foods instead of Whole Paycheck. Good Luck on that one.

11 Charged in World-wide Credit card Scheme

Full Discloure, I like to use my visa debit cars for a lot things ranging from gas , groceries and buying pizza off the web but this story via The New York Times:

Great another problem to worry about, 41million credit and debit cards numbers absconded in a nationwide fraud scheme. Review your bank and credit cards statements if you see irregularities also contact the credit bureaus, cross your fingers and pray for the best!

Paris Hilton strikes back

You got to see this video from Paris Hilton. Hilton strikes back against Republican Presidential nominee Senator John McCain on Tuesday. getting loads of hits on You Tube, and other video sites in where I got this Funny or Die  via The Drudge Report. ( I have problem uploading the link so please follow the link instead, sorry)