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Happy Birthday, USA!

Happy Independence Day America!(July 4th) 235 years ago the American Colonies declare their independence from an overbearing Great Britain to  become one of the greatest nations in the world.  So Celebrate America! And Happy Birthday!

Harvard Study: Independence Day Parades Breeds More Republicans

A study by Harvard University finds the more a person attends Fourth of July parades the more likely the person becomes a Republican. From US News:

Democratic political candidates can skip this weekend’s July 4th parades. A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turn kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day.

“Fourth of July celebrations in the United States shape the nation’s political landscape by forming beliefs and increasing participation, primarily in favor of the Republican Party,” said the report from Harvard.

“The political right has been more successful in appropriating American patriotism and its symbols during the 20th century. Survey evidence also confirms that Republicans consider themselves more patriotic than Democrats. According to this interpretation, there is a political congruence between the patriotism promoted on Fourth of July and the values associated with the Republican party. Fourth of July celebrations in Republican dominated counties may thus be more politically biased events that socialize children into Republicans,” write Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor David Yanagizawa-Drott and Bocconi University Assistant Professor Andreas Madestam.

I don’t know about you but I think this story a bit crazy

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MTV New Raunchy Sex Addled Show Raises Concerns

MTV’s newest reality show “Skins” is causing headaches to parent company Viacom and advertiser Taco Bell. The show racy content is showing under age kids provocative situations. From the New York Times:

MTV executives have a new hit drama on their hands, featuring the sexual and drug-fueled exploits of misfit teenagers. They also have something else — a fear that coming episodes of the show may break the law.

In recent days, executives at the cable channel became concerned that some scenes from the provocative new show “Skins” may violate federal child pornography statutes.

The executives ordered the producers to make changes to tone down some of the most explicit content.

One episode feature a 17 year boy with issues a Viagra like medication:

They are particularly concerned about the third episode of the series, which is to be broadcast Jan. 31. In an early version, a naked 17-year-old actor is shown from behind as he runs down a street. The actor, Jesse Carere, plays Chris, a high school student whose erection — assisted by erectile dysfunction pills — is a punch line throughout the episode.

MTV officials say the series  deals with problems that teens encounters in everyday life:

“ ‘Skins’ is a show that addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way,” she said in a statement. “We review all of our shows and work with all of our producers on an ongoing basis to ensure our shows comply with laws and community standards. We are confident that the episodes of ‘Skins’ will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers.”

Two major advertisers  has dropped sponsorship.Taco Bell and General Motors.

And the Parents Television Council are calling for Congressional hearings. From The Hollywood Reporter:

One day after it was reported Viacom executives ordered producers to tone down its racy teen drama, the Parents Television Council has announced it’s urging the Department of Justice and U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees to open an investigation.

“In addition to the sexual content on the show involving cast members as young as 15, PTC counted 42 depictions and references to drugs and alcohol in the premiere episode,” the group wrote in a letter to the government organizations.

“It is clear that Viacom has knowingly produced material that may well be in violation of [several anti-child pornography laws],” added the PTC, which earlier called the show “the most dangerous program ever for children.”

And I thought late 1970’s / early 1980’s teen and young adult movies were racy. Wow. Just. WOW!

Parents, grandparents and guardians read everything!!!

Happy 2011!!

I would thank readers of this blog for you patience and guidance in 2010.

Here’s to a bright 2011. Thanks and God Bless!

Whie House Signs Childhood Nutrition Act

The nanny state is alive and well. While we should help the poor and needy the First Lady Michelle Obama pushed for bill’s passage to cut childhood obesity. However, her choice in wording is not sitting well with conservative,independents and libertarians. At the signing the first lady said,”We can’t just leave it up to the parents”

When will Liberals in DC learn people can decide what they should eat and what not eat. Finding the calories rules has help but this is too much and too far. Moms and Dads know what best for their child.

You Tube via

Shoppers Gone Wild on Black Friday

After-Thanksgiving sales drew crowds to stores and malls across the country on Friday. All was not well. Drudge Report has a rundown. Here’s a Sample:

A California Mall on lockdown after fight.

A Marine Stabbed at Georgia Best Buy.

A Pair of Stampedes one in Buffalo, NY and another in Green Bay,WI .

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Rally For Sanity Draws Celebrities and a Crowd of Thousands in Washington

As the politicians are in the home stretch for the November 2 midterm elections Comedy Central stars Steven Colbert and John Stewart held their so-called “Rally for Sanity and /or Fear” on the Capitol Mall in Washington DC on Saturday.

Celebration including singers Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock performed. Stewart and Colbert did their stick. Also there was former Saturday Night Live character Father Guido Sarducci and the hosts of Discovery Channel’s MythBusters also were there.

Democrats  advertising a get out to vote phone bank to remind demonstrators to vote on Tuesday. From AP via Yahoo News:

In the shadow of the Capitol and the election, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert entertained a huge throng Saturday at a “sanity” rally poking fun at the nation’s ill-tempered politics, fear-mongers and doomsayers.

“We live now in hard times,” Stewart said after all the shtick. “Not end times.”

Part comedy show, part pep talk, the rally drew together tens of thousands stretched across an expanse of the National Mall, a festive congregation of the goofy and the politically disenchanted. People carried signs merrily protesting the existence of protest signs. Some dressed like bananas, wizards, Martians and Uncle Sam.

Stewart, a satirist who makes his living skewering the famous, came to play nice. He decried the “extensive effort it takes to hate” and declared “we can have animus and not be enemies.”

Organizing for America, Obama’s political operation based at Democratic National Committee headquarters, was mounting a “Phone Bank for Sanity” to urge people to vote Tuesday.

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Controversial Billboard Taken Down in Grand Junction,Co

A controversial billboard in Grand Junction fronting Interstate 70 removed down on Sunday after the owner of the site of billboard receiving death threats. From KKCO-TV “NBC11News“:

The emotion–stirring President Obama billboard on I–70B stood over the highway for its last day Friday. The sign was taken down after causing national outrage since it was put up Monday.

Those who know the owner of the billboard say he and his wife were receiving violent threats. Meanwhile, the person who commissioned the artist and the use of the billboard is still anonymous. Those who know the owner say their friend decided to take the heated President Obama cartoon down after a flood of harassing calls.

“He got a lot of calls out of his place of business that he said he was fine with. When things got out of hand and people started calling his wife, that’s when he decided to go ahead and take it down,” says Blake Brueggeman, owner of Integrity Auto Repair. Brueggeman leases property from the billboard owner.

The sign’s artist says it’s meant to convey a message. It showed President Obama as a terrorist, gangster, Mexican bandito and a homosexual. “It’s got a lot of symbolism in it, in that all of those characters are issues being mishandled by presidency,” says creator of the sign, artist Paul Snover.

“NBC 11 News” has the video.

Steven Colbert Appears in Congressional Meeting

Congressional Hearings have this habit of turning into a three-ring circus.Today is not exception. Comedian Steven Colbert of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central was invited to testify to House of Representative committee on Immigration. He was invited by Rep. Zoe Loftgren (D-CA)

AP via Yahoo News

Vice President Joe “Gaffetastic” Biden Has Done it Again Says “We are Going in the Right Direction”

Vice President Joe “Gaffetastic” Biden is at it again. In answering criticism by House of Representatives Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) said on Tuesday that “…no doubt we’re moving in the right direction.”

Boehner who was in Cleveland,Oh addressing the City Club of Cleveland, called on President Obama to fire the remaining members of the White House Economic leadership team Treasury Secretary Timothyy Geithner and White House Economic Adviser Lawrence Summers.

Biden responded,”[That’s] very constructive advice and we thank the leader for that,” Biden said sarcastically.

The Vice President says the American Voter should not re-hire Republicans

“For eight years before we arrived in the West Wing, Mr. Boehner and his party ran the economy literally into the ground,” he said. “We’ve seen this movie before, Mr. Boehner. We’ve seen it before and we know how it ends.”

Biden defends the Obama Adminstration decision to kill the Bush Tax Cuts:

“It’s a Wall Street tax cut, not a Main Street tax cut,” he said of the expiring law. He also attacked Republicans for blocking in the Senate a planned $12 billion tax cut that Democrats had offered.

The Swamp-Chicago Tribune