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The UK’s National Health Service Dirty Little Secret

On Sunday, The Telegraph in UK discovered that the National Health Service are paying General Practice Doctors not to refer patients to National Hospitals across the country as health care cost increases.

Under one scheme, GPs stand to gain £59 for every patient not referred to hospital, if they cut an average referral rate by between two and eight per cent.

Torbay care trust in Devon will pay up to £15,000 to the average-sized GP practice if it hits a swathe of targets, including reducing hospital referrals.

NHS managers say referral rates, which rose 16 per cent nationwide during the first quarter of this year, have to be cut to save money. They claim many patients can receive equally good care from community NHS staff, such as physiotherapists and nurses.

But critics fear that patients could suffer if GPs’ decisions are swayed by the prospect of a cash bonus.

Shocking!!!! Isn’t it I thought Socialized medicine would cover every procedure. That’s what Obama and the Democrats would stop under their plan. H-m-m-m make you think doesn’t it. They(the British politicans)said no one would be turned away from care but in England and the rest of the UK is otherwise. So Much for Universal Health Care.

Joe the Plumber

On Sunday,  Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumbers assistant in Toledo,Oh enter the world of politics that he probably he wished he didn’t. Because that day met Senator Barack Obama, would change his life in more ways thatn one. The two met, the Democratic Nominee  went door knocking in Toledo, Oh.

[youtube=] Soon, Wurzelbacher was featured on news reports across the country and around the world. He was interviewed by Neil Cavuto of Fox News Channel. Mentioned on shows such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. But by Wedensday, Joe was mentioned over 15 times at the final Presidental Debate at Hofstra University  on Long Island,NY( ten times by Sen. McCain , 5 times by Sen. Obama. Video:You tube via CBS News

Sen. John McCain election campaign created this ad. Video from You Tube via John McCain web site

The media wondered is is this guy so they began investigating Joe ( a private citizen who dared to question the nominee) The media began to look up his plumber’s license( doesn’t have one but he was working under us bosses license, while he was going to his Journeyman’s training. Look up his marital license (he’s divorced)  His political affilations, Driving record whatever dirt that can get.

Senator Joe Biden(D) Vice Presidential nominee mocks Wurtzelbacher saying he don’t know any plumbers who make  $250,000. via NBC News

followed by the Presidential nominee himself Sen. Barack Obama.

the left wing  citizen worm states incorrectly that Wurzelbacher was linked to The Keating five a scandal to took place in the 1980 that implicated Sen. John McCain ( in scandal back in the 1980’s ( McCain was not charge in the crime) You Tube via Citizen Worm That Joe Wurzerlbacher of Cincinnati is related to the Keating Five relative not Toledo Joe.

Meanwhile,Keith Obermann Host of MSNBC’s Countdown says Joe is a fake. So does Liberal Radio Talkshow host Lionel of Air America also accused Joe  of being a fraud on his show.

Unbelievable! a private citizen. Good God almighty this is so wrong on so many level and on so many fronts its not funny. Video from Associate Press

This is so Bloody scary, If a private citizen questions and disagrees  and stating an opinion that Obama a socialist and be attacked like this. Imagine if THe democrats take it all on Election day. Come January 20th anybody who questions authority and speaks his mind could wind up in jail which sound like Russia pre- revolution,  during (the USSR days) and post collapse (today under Putin); Terrifies me.

Back in  1960’s there was a saying ” Question Authority” My how times has changed. Now the people used this phrase  is denying other who do so. Good Lord.

Nationalizing Our Banks

I don’t like bailing out Wall Street with $800 billion (try like $1to $2 trillion or even more).  I really do not like the Nationalizing banks scare me. The FDIC created by President Frankin Roosevelt in the 1930’s and It late sister the FSLIC was the saving and loan program( now gone due to the S and L scandal in the last 1980’s and early 1990’sand the NCUSA which covered the Credit Unions) is all we need . But buying into banks is insane createing a Good bank Bad Bank scenario that if a bank need help by the feds it needs to let the feds buy into banks to get help. What prevents the government to do this with all banks. This is insane  This is the age of insanity!

Memo to McCain: Nice Guys Finish last

Senator McCain please stop playing nice with colleagues who cause this economic disaster. Your congressional friends are not!

Tell the people who got into this Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, Sen Obama himself(with his redlining lawsuit against Citibank in the 1990’s when we as an attorney in Chicago).

Full Disclosure: Being African-American;I had believed that redlining was running rampant in this country I believed that more African-Americans and Latinos should be able to buy a home. My mom and Dad bought their bought their current home back in 1980 through the VA( My dad  served in the US Navy for twenty years ) and bought a 10 year old modest 3bdrm 2 bath home He did it the right way.  But I also(had the common sense to) know that if I didn’t have a job (or a great paying Job) good credit and savings for a down payment I couldn’t get a house. And I didn’t Thank God in Heaven!!!!!!!

Back to McCain Tell how we got here and tell we can get out. NOW!!!!!! Obama’s willing to fight to win the White House  why can’t He! I dont get it nor Do I understand it! Obama has ads all over the country and he telling of his plans. Where is his plans we independents need to now so we  can compare and contrast the the plans WE. THE. AMERICAN. PEOPLE. NEED. TO. KNOW. NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Will anything will fix the economy?

Today, the Federal Reserve Bank led a coordinated effort with the Bank of Canada, Bank of England, European Central Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Japan in cutting interest rates to prevents a world wide recession. That comes after United Kingdom would buy into percent state of at least a major banks including HBOS, Barclays, Lloyds T.S.B ;just to name a few protects consumer deposits up to 50,000 Pounds Sterling, It came after the 800 Hundred Billion Bailout last week here in the US. and Australian Central Bank cut interest rats last week as well. Yikes!!!!!!!

Good news, Bad news, the Ugly news

New daily polls is giving Senator Obama anywhere from a 4 to 9 point lead over Senator McCain. Bad news is the margin of error ranges between +/-1.5 to 4. So McCain cant be counted out, but with 27 days and a damaged economy he need to pull out all the stops.

Still Obama, need to get rural voter in swing states, who need to put aside prejudices to vote for him according to the LA Times:,0,3318007.story?track=ntothtml. Thats not easy at all, many felt insulted rural Americans clinging to their guns and religion statement. Good Luck!

Death of Journalism! Part 2

If the news about journalism is death of objectivity, Then what PBS Washington Week host Gwen Ifill new book cause a still to say the least.  From World Net Daily web site: has written her book entitled The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. Set to be in bookstores on January 20,2009 which is Inauguration Day. While the book is focusing on four politicians the main thrust is Senator Obama. The book is naught a problem per se but Ifill is host tomorrow’s Vice President Debate. Which is a conflict of interest.

Personally Gwen Ifill has the right to write the book I hope it does well and Shed light on today’s black politicians; but be aware Ms. Ifill timing is everything and with journalist are on the bottom of the food chain of respect next to car salespersons, politicians et al.