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Tucson Shooting Victim Threatens Local Tea Party on National News Program

This is interesting, a victim of the January 8th shooting at a Tucson Safeway shopping center made death threat against a member of the Tucson area Tea Party member on a ABC News Special. From MSNBC:

A Tucson mass shooting victim was taken into custody Saturday after yelling “you’re dead” at a Tea Party spokesman during the taping of an ABC-TV town hall event hosted by Christianne Amanpour.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Office said J. Eric Fuller, 63, was involuntarily committed to an undisclosed medical facility, NBC News reported. The Associated Press said he was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

He faces charges of threats and intimidation and disorderly conduct, according to Tucson TV station KGUN.

The gathering for “After the Tragedy: An American Conversation Continued,” to be shown as a special edition of “This Week” Sunday, included witnesses, first responders, victims and heroes of the Jan. 8 mass shooting that killed six and wounded 13 others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.

Local officials and others also packed St. Odilia’s Catholic Church in northwest Tucson, where the show was taped.

Happy 2011!!

I would thank readers of this blog for you patience and guidance in 2010.

Here’s to a bright 2011. Thanks and God Bless!

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London and Fans go on the Attack, While Wikileaks Continues to Leak Documents

On Sunday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested on Monday after talking to a Royal Crown Court in London.  Assange turned himself in on Saturday. He charged with rape in Sweden and hiding in The United Kingdom. Interpol and Kingdom of Sweden sought Assange with warrants for the crime. Meanwhile,  Wikileaks continue to leak documents about the US.

Now supporters of Wikileaks attacked former Governor Sarah Palin , Master Card. The hackers say more attacks  are coming to the US.

Berkeley wants to honor PFC Bradley Manning the man who may have given US secrets to Wikipedia.

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Going out of Town no Posting Until Sunday

I’ll heading out-of-town this weekend; Therefore  no posting  this weekend. See you Sunday or Monday.



Belated Veteran’s Day

To all who have served in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Thank you for your service to “the greatest country on God’s Green Earth( Sorry Micheal Medved)” Including my dad, CPO. Clyde Wayne Jones Sr. United States Navy(Served from 1957-1977) I love You Dad.

Barack Obama Expensive Adventure

All due respect to the writers and Producers of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” President Obama Excellent Adventures start today to India and Asia. 3000 people including security detail and others 34 naval ship  and more at a staggering $200 million according to New Delhi TV:

The White House will, of course, stay in Washington but the heart of the famous building will move to India when President Barack Obama lands in Mumbai on Saturday.

Communications set-up and nuclear button and majority of the White House staff will be in India accompanying the President on this three-day visit that will cover Mumbai and Delhi.

He will also be protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which will patrol the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast during his two-day stay there beginning Saturday. The measure has been taken as Mumbai attack in 2008 took place from the sea.

Arrangements have been put in place for emergency evacuation, if needed.

One, the First Lady Michelle multi million trip to Spain. Two, the President trip to Asia. Days after the American people rebuked the president and congress on Election Day. The White  House still don’t learn.
Read the rest of the story

Death of Journalism Continues: Syndicated Columnist Juan Williams Fired From National Public Radio

Wednesday, Syndicated Columnist, Fox News Contributor Juan Williams was fired from National Public Radio Wednesday for saying a this statement via Fox News Channel:

He continued: “I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

This comes in a segment on the Fox News Channel “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill Reilly and Washington Examiner columnist Mary Kathrine Hamm where, O’ Reilly asked Williams if the world has a Muslim Problem.From Fox News Channel:

The move came after Mr. Williams, who is also a Fox News political analyst, appeared on the “The O’Reilly Factor” on Monday. On the show, the host, Bill O’Reilly, asked him to respond to the notion that the United States was facing a “Muslim dilemma.” Mr. O’Reilly said, “The cold truth is that in the world today jihad, aided and abetted by some Muslim nations, is the biggest threat on the planet.” Mr. Williams said he concurred with Mr. O’Reilly.

The video also shows Williams chastising O’Reilly for may a generalized statement about Muslims. This segment was dealing with O’Reilly’s appearance on ABC’S “The View” where O’Reilly used a blanket statement of The Muslims attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11, in which co-hosts and comediennes Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar stormed off the set  in protest of O”Reilly remarks. Late on Wednesday, Williams in a phone call from NPR vice President of News Elise Wise saying he was fired without a explaining the circumstances. NPR released a statement saying Williams violated NPR’s “editorial standards and practices.” If that’s not enough the CEO of NPR Vivian Schiller Said,” Williams…should have kept his feeling about Muslims between himself and “his psychiatrist or his publicist,” Schiller told an audience at the Atlanta Press Club earlier today. She later apologized  for remarks From NPR: “I spoke hastily and I apologize to Juan and others for my thoughtless remark.” The news of Williams firing was the hot topic of the day, Thursday on talk radio, newspaper, the blogs and of course the Fox News Channel.

People are angry about Williams firing.   (Including myself  I been reading  and watching  Juan Williams since attending Long Beach City College  when on CNN and in newspaper columns for papers including The Long Beach Press-Telegram; I like him personally  and he was role model for black journalists.)

Within hours Williams was given a three year $2 million salary deal to stay at Fox News by Founder and President Roger Ailes. NPR made a F__ked up mistake in firing Williams.

NPR wanted to get rid of him and found a way to do so with a little help by CAIR the Council of American Islamic Relations. Conservatives Members of Congress  are calling on the defunding of NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The last time Conservatives rallied for African-American was for Clarence Thomas was nominated by President George Herbert Walker Bush in 1990 for the US Supreme Court.  Liberals too were upset including Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Democratinc consultant and Fox News contributors Bob Beckel and Pat Caddell. This is an injustice to Williams and Journalism. What a disgrace.

Hot Air.

Big Journalism has a rundown on the Williams Story.

Controversial Forbes Magazine Article Has White House in Tizzy

A controversial article in Forbes Magazine has the White House in an uproar. The Forbes article says President Obama is “anti Colonialist.” The theory is that his Father Barack Obama Sr. has as Marxist world view may have influence the President mindset.

Critics focus their attacks against the article writers syndicated columnist Dinesh D’sousa and former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Grinch. The Obama Administration  is focusing on his venom at Forbes Magazine for publishing the article.

“It’s a stunning thing, to see a publication you would see in a dentist’s office, so lacking in truth and fact,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says in an interview. “I think it represents a new low.

Gibbs meeting with the Forbes Washington Bureau chief about the article.  He wonders if he read the article:

“Did they not fact-check this at all, or did they fact-check it and just willfully ignore it?” he asks.

Steve Forbes Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Magazine was not available for comment.  Forbes Magazine issued a statement:

“Dinesh D’Souza’s cover story was presented as an analysis of how the president thinks. No facts are in contention. Forbes stands by the story.”

Washington Post has more.

White House Hires News Monitor. Also Hire Sarah Paliln Critic for Environment Analysis.

The Associate Press is reviewing the Obama Administration spending on the Gulf Oil Spill. The White House  hired a New Orleans man $18,000 to watch news coverage of the Oil Spill in the Media.

The government also spent $10,000 for just over three minutes of video showing a routine offshore rig inspection for news organizations but couldn’t say whether any ran the footage.

The White House is hire an environmental group who is critical of former Republican Vice President Nominee Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The group Defenders of Wildlife, received a $216,625 noncompetitive contract from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a seabird survey in the BP spill area.

The White House hired a local man to observe news coverage:

Among all the contracts, perhaps none is more striking than the Coast Guard’s decision to pay $9,000 per month for two months to John Brooks Rice of New Orleans, an on-call worker for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, under a no-bid contract to monitor media coverage from late May through July.

Rice told the AP that he compiled print and video news stories and offered his subjective appraisal of the tone of the coverage. “From reading and watching the media I would create reports,” he said. “I reported either positive coverage, negative coverage, misinformation coverage.”

The Coast Guard provided the AP with a copy of two of Rice’s printouts of news stories but didn’t respond to a request for copies of his reports rating the tone of news stories. Rice said he had already deleted them. The AP requested copies of all Rice’s reports under the Freedom of Information Act but hasn’t received them.

The Coast Guard expects BP to reimburse the $18,000, Coast Guard spokesman Capt. Ron LaBrec said.

The fed’s hired an environment activist group who was critical of Sarah Palin as an environmental analyst on Gulf Oil Spill:

Defenders Action Fund, have criticized Palin, a former Alaska governor, for supporting use of low-flying airplanes to hunt wolves and other wildlife in winter.

Defenders of Wildlife also has been urging Discovery Communications to drop plans for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” a reality TV series, and wants sponsors and viewers to boycott it. The Interior Department said the Fish and Wildlife Service hired the group to survey the effects of oil on ocean birds because its chief scientist, Chris Haney, is respected and experienced in bird research. It said BP approved the scientist’s selection.

An executive for Defenders of Wildlife said politics played no role in the $216,625 contract.

“I just truly believe there are no dots to connect,” said Jamie Rappaport Clark, the group’s executive vice president and a former director of the Fish and Wildlife Service under former President Bill Clinton.

This is a sample of the government  spending related to spill.

AP via Yahoo News has More.

Major Dem Pol Suggest Hillary Clinton For President

Well Folks, Democrats starting to turn on President Barack Obama. Former US.Representative and Former  Governor Pete Du Pont(D-DE) is calling for Secretary of State and former US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton(D-NY) to challenge Obama for the Democratic Nomination in 2012.

Governor Du Pont in a op-ed piece in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal blaming the economy, lack of job creation, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts as well as Obama-care  as  a reason to ditch Obama in favor of Clinton.

Du Pont points out the Secretary of State has the best approval numbers of any prominent Democrat in Washington:

It isn’t just the president whose poll numbers are falling fast. According to recent Harris polling, Vice President Biden viewed favorably by 26% of the public and unfavorably by 45%. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does even worse, 20% positive to 49% negative. A June Nevada poll gave Sen. Harry Reid, the majority leader, 33% approval and 52% disapproval.

But the greatest contrast and most interesting statistic is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ratings: 45% favorable and only 35% unfavorable.

Clinton’s experience  and political acumen makes her the perfect contender against Obama :

First, as Peggy Noonan wrote earlier this month, the conclusion one hears from most “normal” American people is that the president “is in over his head, and out of his depth.” Even most progressives agree that “the Obama presidency has been a big disappointment,” according to Eric Alterman of The Nation. That means there’s a big opportunity for Mrs. Clinton.

Second, she is physically and intellectually strong enough to take on a difficult campaign. She showed that running against Obama two years ago.

Third, she is one of the most experienced prospective candidates the Democratic Party has had in a long while: wife of a governor, U.S. first lady, senator and now secretary of state. This is a good record to run on as someone who knows how the government works.

Fourth, she is an experienced foreign-policy adviser who understands the threats to our national security: unresolved conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, rising threats of nuclear capability in Iran and North Korea, and uncertainties in Pakistan.

Fifth, experience will be even more important to voters in the 2012 presidential election, whose 2008 gamble on someone with little experience is proving costly.

Finally, Washington’s deadly left-liberal policies that have propelled the American economy in a very bad direction can be turned around. If Mrs. Clinton made the case that America must get rid of the huge debt the current administration has created, must create much better economic growth with lower tax rates, and must strongly assist employer job creation, she would appeal to a broad voter coalition.

Oh my,my,my  as the worm turns…. Its not looking good for President Obama. Expect more defections to Hillary Clinton coming soon. Du Pont the first. He certainly won’t be the last defector to Hillary any time soon.