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Mandate could cause California to lose Mom and Pop Gas Stations

According to the Pasadena Star-News thank a state of California environment law gas stations must buy emissions controlled gas pumps and replaced current pumps, which will cause potentially tens of thousands of gas stations to shut down and go out of business  in a horrific economy where there a lot of job cuts.

Corrupt Mayors

Hartford, Connecticut mayor Eddie Perez has been arrested and charged with bribery. Perez join dirty mayors including  Racine, WI Mayor Gary Becker who was charged with second degree sexual assault,  child enticement  and child pornography.  Baltimore  Mayor Sheila  was indicted on perjury,theft and misconduct and Sam Adams mayor of Portland, OR who admitted to having a sex with a seventeen old intern in 2005 whom he denied the relationship and said he was mentoring the boy.

Via Gateway pundit.

By the way what do these people have in common they are Democrats. So much for the theory the only Republicans are crooked.

President Obama action figures and other bric-a-brac

Barack Obama, t-shirts, coins, special edition newspapers, Metro Card Day Pass Washington DC Metropolitan Area transit Authority,stamps and now action figures  Buzz feed via The Jawa Report and Gateway Pundit.

Limbaugh vs Obama War: Update Politico reveal Limbaugh Stradegy/UpdateII: Rush Throws down the gauntlet wants to debate President Obama One-On-One live on his radio show

A week and half  ago Nationally syndicated Talk Show Rush Limbaugh made a series statements on the television show Hannity on Fox New Channel including  that if what the President programs in mind is socialism that he want it to fail. (via Dakota Voice) Of course the media took out of context.  The idea that no one has the right to criticize the President (Obama) BullF_ _ _ _ _ _ S_ _ t. Have the left wing knucklehead idiots forgotten they b_ _ _ _ _ , whine and moan about the Bush administration from the 2000 election and subsequent trials and tribulations.

The President enjoined the battle by telling Members of the GOP leadership in a closed door meeting  advised that he won the election. (via Politico). Then he told the GOP that they should not listen to the Likes of Rush Limbaugh( NY Post via The New Republic and Gateway Pundit).

Limbaugh responded to  Byron York of the New Republic after Obama statement about not listening to Limbaugh, Rush accused the President for using Rule 13 from the extreme left wing primer “Rules for Radicals” by Saul D. Alinsky goes as follows:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it”

The President learned this from his days as a community organizer.This tactic in regard to Rush is separate the GOP members of Congress from  conservative voters and the voices on the right on Talk Radio, FOX News and Conservative bloggersphere.

Next MSNBC anchor Norah O’Donnell demanded that Indiana Representative Mike Pence denounce  Rush in interview on her program Pence refused and accused O’Donnell of calling Limbaugh a racist (via  Newsbusters)

Now Left wing political groups American United for Change, and others are putting pressure on Senators to vote on the $900 billion in a series of campaigns . Will you side with Obama or Rush Limbaugh. This campaign is targeting  moderate Republican Senators George Voinovitch-Ohio,  John Ensign-Nevada and Arlen Spector-Pennsylvania. In a statement Limbaugh says:

Senate Republicans need to understand this is not about me,” he wrote in an email. “It is about them, about intimidating them, especially after the show of unity in House. It is about the 2010 and 2012 elections. This is an opportunity for Republicans to redefine themselves after a few years of wandering aimlessly looking for a ‘brand’ and identity.

Being African American I have issues with Limbaugh  with the  Paraphrase

But on that specific thing – that we have to bend over because this is the first black president – why don’t you feel like you could denounce something like that?

Rush didn’t need to mention the president race and bending grabbing your ankles to accept this.  But He had the right to say it. I wasn’t happy with the parody song Barack the Magic Negro by Paul Shanklin Rush didn’t need to go there to get his point across ( I know it was termed by a LA Times columnist who himself is African American).

Rush has the right to say the President plans are socialist  it should fail. This is based on history most notably The New Deal by FDR and the Great Society by Lyndon Baines Johnson throwing good money after bad( some programs has helped to poor and working class such as Medicare and Medic-aid, Social Security and work project act(FDR).

UPDATE: The Politico reveals today that the White House  had it planned out to Get Rush all along. Key papagraphs

The strategy took shape after Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville included Limbaugh’s name in an October poll and learned their longtime tormentor was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially younger voters. Then the conservative talk-radio host emerged as an unapologetic critic of Barack Obama shortly before his inauguration, when even many Republicans were showering him with praise.

Soon it clicked: Democrats realized they could roll out a new GOP bogeyman for the post-Bush era by turning to an old one in Limbaugh, a polarizing figure since he rose to prominence in the 1990s.

Limbaugh took the bait and then he did this: Challenge the President of the United States to a debate on  his show:

But I have an idea.  If these guys are so impressed with themselves, and if they are so sure of their correctness, why doesn’t President Obama come on my show?  We will do a one-on-one debate of ideas and policies.  Now, his people in this Politico story, it’s on the record.  They’re claiming they wanted me all along.  They wanted me to be the focus of attention. So let’s have the debate! I am offering President Obama to come on this program — without staffers, without a teleprompter, without note cards — to debate me on the issues.  Let’s talk about free markets versus government control.  Let’s talk about nationalizing health care and raising taxes on small business.

Now that Limbaugh has turned the tables on the White House  how will this story play out ? I don”t know . Watch this Space!

Deficits as far the eye can see:

President George W. Bush left his principles behind with so the biggest expansion in government (not including the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.) in history. From No Child Left Behind  to Prescription Drug Benefit to The bailout of the Banking and Automobile industries.

But thanks to Mr. Bush; he gave the Obama Administration  Carte Blanche to create the Greatest expansion of the Federal Government in History( Franklin Delano Roosevelt would never dreamed of .) an $825 billion “stimulus package”  which small tax for working and middle class families, some small business (generally under 300 employees,  very needed infrastructure improvements including: roads, bridges, school buildings, government buildings); financial aid to states such as New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and my home state the financial basket case California$45 billion(maybe $60 billion) deficit.

However those project pail in comparison to the Pork in the bail which does not stimulate jobs  and most spending does not kick in until 2011 and 2012 and later (read 2019 an 2020).

The pork in this stimiulus is incredible: $330million for prevention of STD’s (We need STD prevention but $330 million is too much and its not stimilus) $4 billion for community groups  for rehabilitation of vacant housing( it should go the state and cities and not to left wing activist like ACORN which gain noterity in voter fraud. $75 million to crate Smoking cesstation (we need smokers to pay for the S-CHIP child health care program the government just increased the size and scope of the program).

We will be stuck paying for this generations to come!?!?!?!?!

Hat Tip Michelle Malkin

Hot Air

Blago’s OUT!

By  a 59-0  by the Illinois State Senate; Rod R. Blagojevich was removed in a unanimous decision as Governor of Illinois. The Governor was replaced by Lt. Governor Patrick Quinn(D) who was sworn in after the trial and vote. There will not a Lt . Governor replacement. This is just phase I is series of events which may end (or may not) in Federal conviction and imprisonment.

Earlier,  Blagojevich gave an impassioned speech defending his years as Illinois Governor, including  bring affordable medicines to the state,  giving free bus and subway rides to senior throughout Illinois in a scheme to fund Mass Transit in the the state in Chicago Transit Agency, Pace Transpotation in the Chicago suburbs. Blago recalled the role of his parents which shaped his life. The impassioned pleas fell largely on deaf ears.

The President of the United States Barack Obama  release a statement

“Today ends a painful episode for Illinois. For months, the state had been crippled by a crisis of leadership. Now that cloud has lifted. “I wish Governor Quinn the best and pledge my full cooperation as he undertakes his new responsibilities.”

Obama’s U S  senate seat is the subject of the federal complaint which led to the impeachment and today’s removal from offfice.

The reaction from the public was that he had to go.

What a sad state of affairs in the 5th largest state by population. But gubernatorial scandals are nothing new. There has been six governors in Illinois that have been caught up in scandal three was convicted and jail including Blago’s immediate predecessor George Ryan was convicted on bribery, tax fraud, racketeering, money laundering, and extortion.  I hope and pray Chicago and the state of Illinois will move forward in solving the problems. Hopefully no more corruption in state. (Like the size of my weight 236 lbs … Fat Chance).

For more information please Check out the following:

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Desperate couple take their and children lives in LA

What a horrible and unconscionable act as 7 people have shot and killed in the third Murder / Suicide in LA area. Two adults and five children all under 10 years old were found in their Wilmington section home. Wilmington is working class neighborhood with a mixture of residential and industrial area adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach which 20 miles south of Downtown LA. LA Police has identified the family as 40 year old  Ervin Lupoe  and x-ray technician and his wife Ana a mammography technician , an 8 year old daughter Britney, twin 5 year old girls: Jazzmin and Jassley, and twin 2 year old boys Benjamin and Christian.

Ervin Lupoe sent a rambling letter to KABC-TV via fax and called the station and then called 911 to report that his wife and kids were shot. The Letter to ABC 7 Eyewitness News states that the Lupoes were fired in dispute with their employer Kaiser-Permente Hospital West Los Angeles just before Christmas.

For more check out ABC 7 Eyewitness News

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Our prayers for the innocent children in this.