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Ban the GOP

On Friday, the Wilson sister founders of the grammy award winning rock group Heart  sent a cease and desist order through their attorneys to the Republican National Committee not  to use any of their music because the the party doesn’t not represent the views and values of the Heart. The RNC used Heart’s gold record hit song “Barracuda”. “Barracuda” was the nick name of Republican Vice President  Nominee Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

It seems  when the Republican’s use popular music; Musician are offended and put out about its. Like Bobby McFerrin back in 1988 When then Vice President George HW Bush used McFerrin’ grammy award winning hit “Don’t Worry Be Happy” used it for Presidential campaign; Bruce Hornsby and the Range , whose hit “That Just the way It Is”, and others who insulted when conservatives us their works. Well I got a suggestion why don’t  music industry ban all music from the GOP. That way the artist’s work is not compromised. They don’t worry about becoming Republican, conservative or right-wing. The industry will send cease and descist letters to National Republican Committee, then send a copy to all 50 state GOP offices, as well to county and local GOP offices. Attorneys for ASCAP, BMI  et al, would  threaten the Republicans with lawsuits using the artist works.  That way rockers, rappers and singers will rest easy knowing  The GOP will never ever corrupt any artwork ever again.

If the music industry is successful, the Republicans can be banned from museums, art galleries, library, music stores; book stores etc .  Why not the GOP is anti-everything women, gays, minorities, arts, music, literature. We can create culture cops,  carding people  to prevent conservatives access cultural products, events. Let them suffers what Democrats, Liberals, progressives, left-wingers, feminists under their regimes hatred and oppression.  And send them re-education camps and prisons for those who violate the laws routinely.  George Orwell would be proud!