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Inflate your tires…All will be well

OK the presumptive Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama did not that say that but he did say  this

Senator it’s true that keeping you tires inflates saves on your mileage; That’s common sense! However, opening up drilling offshore and in ANWAR, creating new types of batteries for your car and trucks, making solar energy affordable to the masses, maybe moving vehicles to natural gas safely, open Nuclear power plants,  wind turbines; etc.(I think not to uses of bio-fuels which may have contributed food shortages around the world.)

We all types of products to end foriegn dependence oil and have a real energy policy, Senator not platitues.

Hope for Comprimise on Oil???Eh Not so Much.

Tomorrow, a bipartisan coalition House Democrats and House Republicans a so-called gang of 10 are presenting a bill that would allow off shore drilling, no drilling in ANWAR, tax credits for solar panels, wind turbine etc. but Speaker of the House of Representatives want noting to  do with drilling  According to this article calling from PR Newswire via Breitbart.com and the drudgereport:http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=prnw.20080730.DC29223&show_article=1 Pelosi states; the president’ call for drilling  a hoax.  Saying the president own says it takes years  to see any change in the price or oil to the fore. The truth is According to Eric Bolling commodities trader and Fox Business Network correspondent. Bolling has talked to several oil industry researchers  and they told him oil can be available in 18 mos on the low side and 3 years high side.  And the price of oil has dropped 15% since President Bush signed Execuctive  order allow off shore drilling.

Will Pelosi allow the comprimise tomorrow to a vote???  Don’t hold your breath!!! And you wonder why Congress has a 9 % approval rating! Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!