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November 6th 2012 Another Juneteenth ??

Is November 6, is a another Juneteenth? My dad wondered because he along me and my brother was very disappointed in President Barack Obama. The President has the US economy gone down hill.

December 2010 Blizzard Caught NYC Off Guard

It’s been Five Days since New York City and the North East US was Slammed by a powerful Nor’easter which left 2 feet of snow. Side streets are very slowly cleaned up. Planes are barely leaving the areas three major airports John F. Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark/Liberty International. First Responders stranded and unable to get to treat the sick, injured, and newly born. Everyone is blaming Mayor Michael H. Bloomberg.

Follow the news sites for the latest:

AP via My News

WNBC-TV/HD “News 4 New York”

WNYW-TV/HD Fox 5 News

New York Daily News


The Deep South is Snowbound, Storm Heads to Northeast

The storm which slammed California with torrential rain and high winds aided by a strong pineapple express  and caused floods, mudslides, avalanche conditions. The storm left blizzard conditions to the Great Plains and the Midwest brought Snow to the south is projected to become a powerful nor’easter. From AP Via Yahoo News:

A winter storm that brought a rare white Christmas to parts of the South was barreling up the East Coast early Sunday, with forecasters predicting 6 to 10 inches of snow for Washington and blizzard conditions for New York City and New England.

Airlines canceled hundreds of Sunday flights in the Northeast corridor, with more likely to come as the storm intensifies.

Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina declared states of emergency early Sunday or Saturday night. As North Carolina road crews tried to clear snowy and icy highways, Mid-Atlantic officials spent Christmas Day preparing for up to a foot of snow, plunging temperatures and high winds.

“Our concern is tomorrow it’s going to get significantly colder,” Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell told The Weather Channel on Saturday evening. “Winds with gusts up to 45 miles per hour will cause blowing snow and that’s going to cause the worst of it … and we’re urging extreme caution in travel. Try to get home early and if you don’t have to travel don’t go.”

Continental Airlines canceled 250 Sunday departures from Newark Liberty International Airport outside New York City. United Airlines announced late Saturday that it had canceled dozens of Sunday departures from Newark, Philadelphia, New York’s LaGuardia and JFK, Boston and other airports. AirTran also canceled flights, as did Southwest Airlines, mostly in or out of Washington Dulles, Baltimore and Newark.

Early Sunday, winter storm warnings covered northern Georgia, the Carolinas, Washington, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the eastern sections of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. Winter weather advisories were in effect for eastern Tennessee and Kentucky, West Virginia and northwest Virginia.

The system gave the Carolinas its first white Christmas in decades. Columbia, S.C., had its first significant Christmas snow since weather records were first kept in 1887.

In Asheville, N.C., the Weather Service said about an inch of snow was falling an hour Saturday. As much as 10 inches could fall by Sunday morning, which would break the previous Christmas Day record of 5.4 inches set in 1969.

Lance Cpl. Bill Rhyne, the Upstate spokesman for the South Carolina Highway Patrol, said late Saturday that snow was starting to cover roads but that there were fewer accidents than there would be on a normal night.

“Everybody’s at home,” he said. “It’s Christmas. They’re heeding the warnings and staying off the roads.”

In Nashville, some travelers who expected a smooth trip on Christmas got a rude surprise.

“We were hoping this was going to be a good day to travel,” said Heather Bansmer, 36, of Bellingham, Wash.

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Im Back. Bay Area Road Trip is Something Else

I had computer problems on Tuesday. Came home on Monday from a Business trip to San Francisco.

Going out of Town no Posting Until Sunday

I’ll heading out-of-town this weekend; Therefore  no posting  this weekend. See you Sunday or Monday.



August New Car Sales the Worst in Nearly 30 Year

August new car sales is the worst in since 1983. According to Autodata as industry analyst said 11 million cars sold in that month. That is a 21% drop from August 2009.

The reason is about consumer not spending worries about job security, difficulty in obtaining loans and end of the federal government incentive program “Cash for Clunkers.”

August sales declined 5% from July 2010.

“Car buying is far from repaired, and consumers hesitate before they make a big ticket purchase,” said Jesse Toprak, an analyst with the auto pricing Web site “It shows that the recovery is going to be much slower and more painful than expected.”

Automakers sales were down across the board. GM sales down 25%, Ford drop 11%, Toyota hurt by the Congressional Investigations and recalls plunged  34%; Honda sales down by 33% ,  Nissan shunk by 27%. Only Chrysler did well; sales increased 7% from 2009.

CNN Money

US Automakers Sales Estimates Miss The Mark

For the month of July US automakers miss their sales estimates.  Ford Motor Company and General Motors failed  to meet analyst exceptions mostly due to the consumer  concerns about the economy.

G.M. sales for July 1.5%  Car industry analysts for Bloomberg expected sales to jump 10%.  Ford adjusted sales fell 0.7%Analyst were looking a 10% increase. While Ford’s overall sales rose 3.1 percent.

Buyers are staying away because of fears of a slowing economy and record high unemployment.

“We are certainly not seeing any good news from the jobs market and that’s scaring people,” Rebecca Lindland, an analyst with IHS Automotive in Lexington, Massachusetts, said today in a telephone interview.

Bloomberg News has the rest of  the story.