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AT&T Buys T-Mobile , AT&T to Become Largest Cellphone Provider

A surprise announcement by AT&T rocked the telecommunications industry. On Sunday the bought T-Mobil from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion .This will catapult AT&T to the largest cellular phone company. From Wall Street Journal:

The former Baby Bell, which built itself up through a decade of acquisitions into the country’s largest telecommunications company, was planning to buy T-Mobile USA, a deal that would test its skilled regulatory team in Washington.

The combination would bring together the second and fourth largest U.S. wireless operators by revenue, creating a giant in an already concentrated market. People familiar with the matter said AT&T executives, fearing a leak could build regulatory opposition even before the two sides agreed on a deal, kept the number of banks involved strictly limited for weeks. It leaned on J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. alone to provide a $20 billion loan.

In the end, the secret held, ushering in a $39 billion acquisition that is as much a wager on the political environment in Washington as it is a bet on the future of the wireless market.

Japanese Quake Causes Explosions at Nuke Plant

Friday’s 9.0 Earthquake ( The quake Richter Scale revise up from 8.9 on Sunday.) causes Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant four explosions on Saturday, Sunday,  Monday and Tuesday. Sending fears of a meltdown throughout  Japan and the rest of  World. From London Daily Mail:

The Japanese nuclear reactor hit by the tsunami went into ‘meltdown’ today, as officials admitted that fuel rods appear to be melting inside three damaged reactors.

There is a risk that molten nuclear fuel can melt through the reactor’s safety barriers and cause a serious radiation leak.

There have already been explosions inside two over-heating reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, and the fuel rods inside a third were partially exposed as engineers desperately fight to keep them cool after the tsunami knocked out systems.

Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano said it was ‘highly likely’ that the fuel rods inside all three stricken reactors are melting.
Some experts class that a partial meltdown of the reactor, but others would only use that term for when molten nuclear fuel melts through a reactor’s inner chamber – but not through the outer containment shell.

As fuel rods melt, they form an extremely hot molten pool at the bottom of the reactor that can melt through even the toughest of containment barriers.

Japan is fighting to avoid a nuclear catastrophe after the tsunami. There was a hydrogen explosion at the reactor in Unit Three of the power station earlier today, in which eleven workers were hurt by the blast that was felt 25 miles away.

The reactor at Unit One of Fukushima exploded on Saturday, blowing several walls away but engineers said the core was still contained. The fuel rods in the reactor in Unit Two of the plant were partially exposed from their coolant today – which also increases the risk of meltdown.

Engineers have been fighting to keep the reactors under control after the tsunami knocked out emergency coolant systems on Friday.

Meanwhile Some are worrying about Nuclear Fallout reaching Canada and the US. From AFP via Prison Planet:

California is closely monitoring efforts to contain leaks from a quake-damaged Japanese nuclear plant, a spokesman said Saturday, as experts said radiation could be blown out across the Pacific.


“At present there is no danger to California. However we are monitoring the situation closely in conjunction with our federal partners,” Michael Sicilia, spokesman for California Department of Public Health, told AFP.

“California does have radioactivity monitoring systems in place for air, water and the food supply and can enhance that monitoring if a danger exists,” he added.


Experts have suggested that, if there were a reactor meltdown or major leak at Fukushima, the radioactive cloud would likely be blown out east across the Pacific, towards the US West Coast.

Meanwhile more than half million people are being evacuated from Northeast Japan. From Stuff New Zealand:

The (Japanese) government warned those still in the 20km evacuation zone to stay indoors. TEPCO said 11 people had been injured in the blast yesterday.

Kyodo News said 200,000 people had now been evacuated from the zone, joining more than 450,000 other evacuees from quake and tsunami-hit areas in the northeast.

Follow Drudge. The site has extensive coverage include live reports from BBC World Service,Kyodo Wire Service and Reuters.

Mysterious Warehouse Fire in Houston Destroys 10,000 Voting Machines

Incredible, just incredible only 63 days  before the 2010 Midterm election on November 2; A fire broke out overnight Friday in warehouse destroying  all Harris County’s electronic voting machines!

The fire at the Harris County election technology center in northeast Houston  started as a single alarm fire grew quickly to a three alarms. Harris County Clerk  Beverly Kaufmann reassure voters of Metro Houston they will have enough equipment for early voting on October 16.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we’re going to have a timely election here and that we’re going to take care of the voters,” said Kaufman, who is retiring in December after 16 years as chief elections officer. “We have a huge obligation here.”

Read all about at Houston Chronicle and

Video story by KTRK-TV/ HD “Channel 13 Eyewitness News”

Net Neutrality Proponents Loses Conservative Support Group Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America a major supporter of Net Neutrality has pulled out of internet coalition because left-week sponsors including ACLU and ACORN. GOA is afraid the Net Neutrality program will mean strict government control.

On a blog Red State they questions GOA membership in Save the Internet because of liberal groups. Red State says Save the Internet “neo-Marxist Robert McChesney-FreePress/Save the Internet think tank” and questioned why GOA would participate in a coalition that includes liberal groups such as the ACLU, MoveOn.Org, SEIU, CREDO and ACORN.

Gun Owners of America was a charter founding member of Save the Internet, but now they are out.

“Back in 2006 we supported net neutrality, as we had been concerned that AOL and others might continue to block pro-second amendment issues,” said Erich Pratt, communications director for GOA.

“The issue has now become one of government control of the Internet, and we are 100 percent opposed to that,” Pratt said.

Tim Farr campaign director of Save the Internet says the election season that causes some supporters question the members of campaign and become politicized.

“Anytime you approach an election, these issues tend to be politicized,” he said.

Farr points out that Christian Coalition and Parents Television Council are conservative members of Save the Internet.

The Hill

Facebook Members Detailed Information Published

Facebook users( truth in advertising I am a member) has revealed more than 100 million (yes, 100 million) member detail information publish. From MSNBC:

The personal details of 100 million Facebook users have been collected and published online in a downloadable file, meaning they will now be unable to make their publicly available information private.

However, Facebook downplayed the issue, saying that no private data had been compromised.

The information was posted by Ron Bowes, an online security consultant, on the Internet site Pirate Bay.

Bowes used code to scan the 500 million Facebook profiles for information not hidden by privacy settings. The resulting file, which allows people to perform searches of various different types, has been downloaded by several thousand people.

MSNBC has the rest of the story.

China Expected to Become the World Leading Manufacturing Nation on 2011

In 2011 The United States will no longer be the world’s leading manufacturer.  The distinction will go to China. The US held the title since the 1890’s when the US overtook Great Britain.

The figures produced in table  by IHS Global Insight; US Economic consultancy firm. The table will released on this Monday.

In 2009 the US produced 19.9% of the world durable goods. China produced 18.6 of manufactured goods. That happened despite the world-wide recession.

The news surprised experts which expected the Chinese to take the lead from the US in 2009. The American manufacturing sector output is stronger than expected held China at bay in second place.:

Hal Sirkin, head of the global operations practice at Chicago-based Boston Consulting Group, said the US should not despair too much at the likelihood that it would lose the global crown in manufacturing to China.

“If you have a country with four times the population of the US and a tenth of the wages, it is fairly obvious they will pull ahead at some time in productive capabilities,“ he said.

In 2010 US durable good at $1,717 billion; China came in at $1,608 billion.

In 2011, IHS estimates China’s manufacturing will be at $1870 billion.  Just a fraction ahead of the US figures.

Financial Times

President Obama Prime Time Address on Oil Spill Bombs

Tuesday evening President Barack Obama address the American people to tell that the federal government is in control. The president in the address reaffirmed that the government will make BP pay for the damages. Obama calls BP reckless for the conditions led up to the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico back on April 20th.

“We will fight this spill with everything we’ve got for as long it takes,” declared Obama, whose own presidency has been stumbling because of the gushing oil. A new Associated Press-GfK poll even indicates as many Americans disapprove of his handling of the crisis — 52 percent — as felt that way about President George W. Bush’s handling of the Katrina aftermath.

The President did give details. He did name former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus as the head of Gulf Restoration Plan which paid for by for by BP. The President will create an independent commission to take over the compensation from BP. Critics say the move violates the US constitution.

Obama has announce that former Justice Department inspector general Michael Bromwich will become the new head of the Minerals and Department at the Department of Energy. The president said Bromwich will oversee the oil industry.Obama said Bromwich will be “the oil industry’s watchdog, not its partner.” The president said new regulations will including stronger drilling safety standards.

The president’s speech comes nearly two month since the explosion and subsequent oil spill washing up on marshes, beaches from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.  The government response has angered residents, and politicians alike.

Said one spray-painted sign along the president’s Florida motorcade route earlier in the day, as Obama capped a two-day inspection tour of the region: “Obama you are useless.”

Alabama restaurant owner Regina Shipp, of Orange Shoals  find no comfort in the president words as tourist stay away because of the oil spill.”He said he’s going to make BP pay. Can he? Can he?” said Shipp, standing amid a sea of empty tables at Shipp’s Harbour Grill, which she owns with her husband, chef Matt Shipp.

The president speech was not well recieved the president supporters at MSNBC Keith Obermann, Chris Matthews and Washington Post columnist Howard Fineman was not impressed.

AP via Yahoo News

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