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November 6th 2012 Another Juneteenth ??

Is November 6, is a another Juneteenth? My dad wondered because he along me and my brother was very disappointed in President Barack Obama. The President has the US economy gone down hill.

Historic Mississippi River Flooding Heads For Baton Rouge and New Orleans

The Mississippi River floods are near the end of the line Baton Rouge  and New Orleans and the Delta. Many cities and town have been flooded due to the this past winter snows and recent rains. Parts of Memphis and Tunica, MS have serious flooding. Up river The Army Corps of Engineers  blew up levees new Cairo, Ill  late last week. Now the Army Corp of Engineers will open the Morganza Spillway Saturday to relieve the pressure on the Mississippi. Thousands have been evacuated from the spillway area. From AP via Yahoo News:

In an agonizing trade-off, Army engineers said they will open a key spillway along the bulging Mississippi River as early as Saturday and inundate thousands of homes and farms in parts of Louisiana’s Cajun country to avert a potentially bigger disaster in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

About 25,000 people and 11,000 structures could be in harm’s way when the gates on the Morganza spillway are unlocked for the first time in 38 years.

“Protecting lives is the No. 1 priority,” Army Corps of Engineers Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh said aboard a boat from the river at Vicksburg, Miss., hours before the decision was made to open the spillway.

The opening will release a torrent that could submerge about 3,000 square miles under as much as 25 feet of water in some areas but take the pressure off the downstream levees protecting New Orleans, Baton Rouge and the numerous oil refineries and chemical plants along the lower reaches of the Mississippi.

Keep the communitites in the path and those that have been affected by recent flooding in the Mississippi River Valley.

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Maryland Governor Proposes Gas Tax

Marylanders’ the gas tax is coming back.  On Friday Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley(D) at a forum is suggesting to call the General Assembly into special session in the Fall to add $0.12 tax . The assembly failed raise the tax in the Spring.The tax increase will be used road repairs (although the earlier funds were used for balancing previous budgets. From ‘WJZ-TV 13 Eyewitness News” in Baltimore has the story:

Pain at the pump. If you think gas prices are high now, there is a plan that could push them even higher.

WJZ-TV Political Reporter Pat Warren tells us a hike in the gas tax could be just down the road.

A failed effort to increase the state tax on gasoline during the regular General Assembly session doesn’t mean the idea has gone away. The prospect of another bill may be proposed in a special session.

That’s right. Governor Martin O’Malley held a roundtable discussion on the transportation trust fund on Friday. And wouldn’t you know it, the gas tax came up.

Timing  is bad considering gas prices is nearing $4.00 a gallon. Whats worse Maryland surrounded by 5 states and Washington, D.C.    Residents who live near borders will cross state lines to get cheap gas. Watch out Delaware, Pennsylvania,Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and D.C. may come for cheap gas in 2012.

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Oil Prices are at 3 Year High at $107.

Oil price continue rise; closing at $107.94 a barrel.ABC News:

The weekly national average gas price showed the highest price ever during the month of March and the seventh consecutive increase this week, according to the Department of Energy. Prices are at their highest level since 2008, in part because of the Japan earthquake and turmoil in the oil-producing Middle East. But analysts say the price of oil and gas would still hover at a surprisingly high level despite geopolitical concerns.

The national average gas price is $3.60 today, according to the Department of Energy, up 3 cents from a week ago and 80 cents from one year ago. Last week’s national average was an updated $3.56 per gallon for regular gas, the 13th consecutive week that the average was above $3 a gallon, according to the DOE. The last time gas rose higher than $3.50 was Sept. 29, 2008, when the weekly average hit $3.64.

Oil futures settled today at $103.98 after reaching a high of $105.76 earlier in trading. On Friday, oil futures settled at $105.40 a barrel, the third consecutive day above $105, according to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group.

The summer driving season is going to be fun, fun, fun!

Yeah Right!

Middle East Crisis Send Oil Prices Soring

Gas Prices rose dramatically this past week especially on the turmoil in Libya. CNN Money has the story:

Gas prices have increased 17 cents a gallon in the past week. And analysts expect prices to continue higher, following a sharp rise in the price of crude oil.

The national average price for a gallon of regular gas rose 4.6 cents to $3.33, motorist group AAA said Saturday. That marks the fourth day in a row that prices have risen, and brings the national average to the highest level since October 2008.

The highest price is in Hawai’i:

Gas prices were highest in Hawaii, where drivers paid $3.761 a gallon, on average. Wyoming had the lowest gas prices at roughly, $3.032 a gallon.

Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service, said gas prices’ 6-cent jump reported Friday was the largest one-day increase since at least 2008.

“This will definitely be the most expensive February ever,” he said, adding that gas prices are typically lower during the winter months

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The EPA goes after Greenhouse Gasses

The Obama administration is going ahead with plans to regulate greenhouse gasses, despite of discovering that Climate Change/ Global Warming is non-existent. From AP via Yahoo News:

Stymied in Congress, the Obama administration is moving unilaterally to clamp down on greenhouse emissions, announcing plans for new power plants and oil refinery emission standards over the next year.

In an announcement posted on the agency’s website late Thursday, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson said the aim was to better cope with pollution contributing to climate change.

“We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce GHG pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans,” Jackson said in a statement. She said emissions from power plants and oil refineries constitute about 40 percent of the greenhouse gas pollution in this country.

President Barack Obama had said two days after the midterm elections that he was disappointed Congress hadn’t acted on legislation achieving the same end, signaling that other options were under consideration.

Jackson’s announcement came on the same day that the administration showed a go-it-alone approach on federal wilderness protection — another major environmental issue. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said his agency was repealing the Bush era’s policy limiting wilderness protection, which was adopted under former Interior Secretary Gale Norton.

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November 2 is here Go and VOTE!

Over the years I try to remember to vote . I usually vote in major elections President, Congress,  Governor etc.  Well Today November 2, Election Day.

This election is the most important election in several generations everything up for grabs. Nation is a stake.

So go and vote Liberal or Conservative. Go Vote  GO VOTE!

See yu at the polls. (I am at the polls in Hawaiian Gardens)

So Much for Going Green Sen. Reid Takes SUV to Green Energy Summit

You can’t make this stuff up: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D-NV) takes a fleet of SUV’s to a Green Energy Summit in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid and his fleet of Gas Guzzling S.U.V.'s

Reid and other speakers are critical of carbon emissions. From National Review:

The Heartland Institute reports that, while the Senate Majority Hypocrite “and other high-profile environmental activists blasted carbon-based fuels at the Reid-sponsored summit, Reid and other bigwigs were caught on film driving to and from the summit in several SUVs.”

“I was absolutely astonished, not to mention appalled, that Harry Reid would retain a fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs so that he and a few aides would not have to walk the mere 100 yards to address environmental activists,” said Heartland Institute senior fellow James M. Taylor, who took the attached photo. “If greenhouse gas emissions are such a problem, you would think Reid might have actually made the short stroll through the parking lot, or at least retain Priuses rather than large SUVs for the summit,” said Taylor.

Special Thanks to Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin Michelle site has video.

Once again Your Politicians playing the game do as I say not a I do.

It. Getting. Really.Old. Sen. Reid. Really. Really.Old.

White House Hires News Monitor. Also Hire Sarah Paliln Critic for Environment Analysis.

The Associate Press is reviewing the Obama Administration spending on the Gulf Oil Spill. The White House  hired a New Orleans man $18,000 to watch news coverage of the Oil Spill in the Media.

The government also spent $10,000 for just over three minutes of video showing a routine offshore rig inspection for news organizations but couldn’t say whether any ran the footage.

The White House is hire an environmental group who is critical of former Republican Vice President Nominee Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The group Defenders of Wildlife, received a $216,625 noncompetitive contract from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a seabird survey in the BP spill area.

The White House hired a local man to observe news coverage:

Among all the contracts, perhaps none is more striking than the Coast Guard’s decision to pay $9,000 per month for two months to John Brooks Rice of New Orleans, an on-call worker for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, under a no-bid contract to monitor media coverage from late May through July.

Rice told the AP that he compiled print and video news stories and offered his subjective appraisal of the tone of the coverage. “From reading and watching the media I would create reports,” he said. “I reported either positive coverage, negative coverage, misinformation coverage.”

The Coast Guard provided the AP with a copy of two of Rice’s printouts of news stories but didn’t respond to a request for copies of his reports rating the tone of news stories. Rice said he had already deleted them. The AP requested copies of all Rice’s reports under the Freedom of Information Act but hasn’t received them.

The Coast Guard expects BP to reimburse the $18,000, Coast Guard spokesman Capt. Ron LaBrec said.

The fed’s hired an environment activist group who was critical of Sarah Palin as an environmental analyst on Gulf Oil Spill:

Defenders Action Fund, have criticized Palin, a former Alaska governor, for supporting use of low-flying airplanes to hunt wolves and other wildlife in winter.

Defenders of Wildlife also has been urging Discovery Communications to drop plans for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” a reality TV series, and wants sponsors and viewers to boycott it. The Interior Department said the Fish and Wildlife Service hired the group to survey the effects of oil on ocean birds because its chief scientist, Chris Haney, is respected and experienced in bird research. It said BP approved the scientist’s selection.

An executive for Defenders of Wildlife said politics played no role in the $216,625 contract.

“I just truly believe there are no dots to connect,” said Jamie Rappaport Clark, the group’s executive vice president and a former director of the Fish and Wildlife Service under former President Bill Clinton.

This is a sample of the government  spending related to spill.

AP via Yahoo News has More.

Update: San Bruno Fire Now Claims Four Lives

The  Fire and Explosion that rocked a San Bruno,CA neighborhood now claimed 4 live including a mother and daughter. 52 people were injured ranging from third degree burns to minors.

Now the number of homes destroyed and damaged reduced. The official number of homes destroyed is 37. The homes damaged in the exposition dropped significantly from 120 homes to just 8.

According to “ABC 7  News” in San Francisco revealed the identity of the victims:

Late Friday night, the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office released the names of three of the at least four people who were killed. Two of the victims are mother and daughter — 44-year-old Jacqueline Greig and 13-year-old Janessa Grieg. Greig worked with the California Public Utilities Commission. The other victim has been identified as 20-year-old Jessica Morales.

The name of the fourth victim has not yet been released, however Faye Wharton told ABC7 the body of her 80-year-old grandmother was found in the ruins of her home, which is right next to the explosion. She received word from authorities late Friday night. Her two aunts and uncle were also in the house. They made it out alive, but were severely burned.

Investigations have begun into the disaster. The California Public Utilities Commission which has oversight on PG&E started their investigation. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms department of the Federal Government is the lead group finding the cause of the explosion.  PG&E will do an in-house review of the explosion.

Help is coming from all corners including: The Red Cross, Salvation Army and other charities. The state, PG&E and San Mateo County are providing aid as well.

KGO-TV/HD “ABC 7 NEWS” has the rest of the story.