Shooting In Carson City,N.V. Kills Three National Guardsmen

Three Nevada National Guard soldiers killed when a gunman open fire on International House of Pancakes restaurant Carson City,NV Tuesday.From A.P. via KTVN-TV “2 News”:

Twelve people were shot Tuesday, five fatally, at the International House of Pancakes restaurant in Carson City.  Those numbers includes the gunman, 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion, who killed himself.

Two people died at the scene inside the restaurant.  They were both uniformed members of the Nevada Army National Guard.

Nine people were transported to area hospitals.  Two of those victims, a civilian woman and another National Guardsman later died as well.  In all, five of the 11 victims were National Guard members who were seated at the back of the dining area where the shooting began.

An official says five of the nine people who were shot by a gunman at an IHOP restaurant in Nevada were members of the Nevada National Guard.

Nevada National Guard spokeswoman April Conway says all five uniformed Guard members who were in the restaurant at the time were shot. Two have died — one man and one woman.

Conway also says there’s no indication the shooter had any connection with the Guard. The restaurant is about four miles from the Guard’s headquarters complex.


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