America the Roasted: Massive Heatwave Kills at Least Two Dozen People Nationwide.

For the last 12 days the US sweltered in blistering heatwave.  Texas along with Oklahoma, and Kansas in extreme drought conditions. A large dome high pressure sitting atop the great plains has  create a disaster for the country.  Over two dozen are dead others a recovering from heat stroke.The Weather Channel gives details.

During this heatwave record breaking high temperatures and strong humidity lead to stifling heat indices over 100-120 degrees east of the Rockies. In fact Accu-Weather reports that eastern seaboard cities broke all time records temperatures including New York, Philadelphia Baltimore and  Washington, D.C .

In Chicago, Police escorts fire fighters throughout the city to shut down hydrants. According WBBM-TV/HD “CBS 2 News”:

City crews scrambling to turn off nearly 2,000 fire hydrants opened by residents seeking relief from the heat required a police escort to protect them from gang members and others upset with the shutdowns.

CBS 2 found one city crew being followed by a police sport-utility vehicle as they crisscrossed neighborhoods, turning off a total of 1,921 hydrants as of Thursday evening.

“It’s a waste of water, and I have to do my job,” said 20-year Water Management Department veteran Richard Quarles.

Quarles was surrounded by a group of people who dumped water on him as he shut down a hydrant that was spewing hundreds of gallons of water into the street.

“The gangbangers and the neighborhood tough guys, they could crack you over the head with something. Anything can happen,” he said.

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