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Update:Norway Terrorist not Muslim But Right-Winger who hated Muslims. Oslo is More akin to Oklahoma City Bombing

Norwegian Police has identified the man at the center terrorist attacks a “Christian fundamentalist” named Anders Behring Breivik. From the New York Times:

The Norwegian police on Saturday charged a 32-year-old man, whom they identified as a Christian fundamentalist with right-wing connections, over the bombing of a government center here and a shooting attack on a nearby island that together left at least 92 people dead.

The police said they did not know if the man, identified by the Norwegian media as Anders Behring Breivik, was part of a larger conspiracy. He is being questioned under the country’s terrorism laws, the police said, and is cooperating with the investigation of the attacks, the deadliest on Norwegian soil since World War II.

Some witnesses to the shooting on the island raised the possibility of a second gunman, but police could not confirmed the reports. Still, they did not rule out the possibility.

“We are not sure whether he was alone or had help,” a police official, Roger Andresen, said at a televised news conference. “What we know is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist.” So far Mr. Breivik has not been linked to any anti-jihadist groups, he said.On Saturday, King Harald and Queen Sonja met with survivors of the camp shooting and their family members at a hotel outside Oslo..

Read More at the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/24/world/europe/24oslo.html?_r=2&partner=MYWAY&ei=5065

America the Roasted: Massive Heatwave Kills at Least Two Dozen People Nationwide.

For the last 12 days the US sweltered in blistering heatwave.  Texas along with Oklahoma, and Kansas in extreme drought conditions. A large dome high pressure sitting atop the great plains has  create a disaster for the country.  Over two dozen are dead others a recovering from heat stroke.The Weather Channel gives details.

During this heatwave record breaking high temperatures and strong humidity lead to stifling heat indices over 100-120 degrees east of the Rockies. In fact Accu-Weather reports that eastern seaboard cities broke all time records temperatures including New York, Philadelphia Baltimore and  Washington, D.C .

In Chicago, Police escorts fire fighters throughout the city to shut down hydrants. According WBBM-TV/HD “CBS 2 News”:

City crews scrambling to turn off nearly 2,000 fire hydrants opened by residents seeking relief from the heat required a police escort to protect them from gang members and others upset with the shutdowns.

CBS 2 found one city crew being followed by a police sport-utility vehicle as they crisscrossed neighborhoods, turning off a total of 1,921 hydrants as of Thursday evening.

“It’s a waste of water, and I have to do my job,” said 20-year Water Management Department veteran Richard Quarles.

Quarles was surrounded by a group of people who dumped water on him as he shut down a hydrant that was spewing hundreds of gallons of water into the street.

“The gangbangers and the neighborhood tough guys, they could crack you over the head with something. Anything can happen,” he said.

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Debt Deal at an Impass.

Well, August 2 is is “debt limit” deadline is less than two weeks away. Talks have broken off after the Senate voted down the Houses Cut, Cap and  Balance  bill That piece of legislation set up the ground work  a constitutional amendment requiring federal government balance it’s budget which more than 30 states have in law. From ABC News:

Talks between House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama to raise the debt ceiling in conjunction with sweeping spending cuts and tax and entitlement reform have broken down. There will be no “grand bargain” to deal with the debt crisis and raise the debt ceiling.

Boehner’s decision to abandon negotiations with President Obama puts an end to a deal that would have cut spending by up to $3.5 trillion over the next 10 years and increased tax revenues by close to a trillion dollars. But the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling must be raised by Aug. 2nd to avoid a government default.

“We have now run out of time,” a visibly angry Obama declared at a hastily arranged press conference in the White House briefing room.

The President  orders House Speaker John  Boehner, (R)  Ohio and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid,(D) Nevada to the White House on Saturday.

“I expect them to have an answer as to how they will get this thing done over the next week,” Obama said. Both sides agree that a proposal should be hammered out over the weekend.

Meanwhile,  Speaker Boehner  also spoke to the media about the defeat Cut,Cap and Balance bill.:

Boehner sent a letter to his Republican colleagues explaining his decision to pull out of talks for a “grand bargain.” Here are some highlights:

“It has become evident that the White House is not serious about ending the spending binge that is destroying jobs and endangering our children’s future,” he wrote, adding, “A deal was never reached, and was never really close.

“The president is emphatic that taxes have to be raised. … The president is emphatic that we cannot make fundamental changes to our entitlement programs,” Boehner wrote.

“For these reasons, I have decided to end discussions with the White House and begin conversations with the leaders in the Senate in an effort to find a path forward.”

Boehner held his own press conference after 7 p.m. Friday night and said the talks broke down because “The White House moved the goal posts.”

Specifically, he said the two sides had agreed on an unspecified amount of revenue to be included in deficit reduction, achieved by broadening the number of Americans who pay taxes and lowering general tax rates. But he said President Obama on Thursday demanded another $400 billion in revenue, which Boehner said “was going to be nothing more than a tax hike on the American people.

ABC News has more  including video.