The GOP Presidental Field Grows Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty Announce they are Running

Donald Trump, Talk Show Herb Cain;  and President Obama  now have company on Tuesday Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota announces on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”  From CNN:

Former Republican Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty told CNN’s Piers Morgan Tuesday he’s focused on running for the White House. “I’m running for president,” Pawlenty said in an interview Tuesday on “Piers Morgan Tonight.” “I’m not putting my hat in the ring rhetorically or ultimately for vice president. I’m focused on running for president.”

This comes on the heels of former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts  announced on a web video  creating a exploratory campaign a step for President. From The Fix by the Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney formed a presidential exploratory committee today that will allow him to raise money for a near-certain run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

“It is time that we put America back on a course of greatness with a growing economy, good jobs and fiscal discipline in Washington,” Romney said in a web video announcing his intentions.

It seems its full steam ahead for the 2012 presidential race.

Read it all!


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