The Regime Strikes Back: Mubarak Hired Goons Attack Protesters

Just after five days Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak sent in paid hired goons to attack protesters in Tahair Square in Cairo on Wednesday which led to five death and out cries from world leaders including Pres. Barack Obama, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron and Human Right groups. From CNN:

It started with verbal abuse, and then — perhaps inevitably — it got physically, terrifyingly violent.

Supporters of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak flooded into Cairo’s Tahrir Square Wednesday after the president’s opponents dominated the scene for more than a week.

Separated at first by barriers, the rival demonstrators exchanged insults, then began throwing anything they could find at each other, including shoes, rocks and sticks.

Suddenly the barriers came down. People surged toward each other in a chaotic scene that conjured images of a revolution.

Digging up bricks to use as weapons

Protesters hurt in Tahrir Square

Shots fired, vehicles overturned

Some injured protesters fell. Others stumbled through the crowd. Blood streamed down the faces of the wounded. A few women away from the front line gave the injured water and swabbed at their wounds.

Many of the injuries were serious, even though demonstrators wrapped sweatshirts and other clothes around their heads to protect themselves from flying stones.

Dozens of wounded were carried away, bleeding from gashes. It was impossible to tell from visits to a makeshift clinic which side was faring worse, CNN’s Ben Wedeman said. He said simply: “They are all Egyptians.”

A mosque served as a makeshift field hospital, staffed by volunteer doctors, he said.

The day was spotted with scenes of brutality. At one point, bloodied men from the pro-regime side were dragged toward the center of Tahrir Square by anti-government demonstrators who beat and kicked them along the way. One man ripped out the hair of one of the captives.

Police were nowhere to be seen.


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