All Eyes on Egypt: Riots Continue as Mubarak Names Vice President and Prime Minister

Protest continue to grow in Egypt, President Honsi Mubarak tries to show he’s in control by increasing the Military Presence including ordering fighter jets fly over Cairo Sunday. Sky News:

The appearance of the two air force planes was considered to be part of efforts to send demonstrators back to their homes in the capital.

Several tanks were also seen rumbling into the city centre and the suburbs while the jets made multiple passes overhead.

However, troops made no attempt to move the thousands of people in Tahrir Square calling for the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak.

In addition Mubarak has name his vice president and prime minster in a bid to tamp down on opposition. Omar Suleiman Mubarak’s confident and a former intelligence chief named Vice President Saturday. From Fox News Channel:

State television showed footage of Mubarak with his newly appointed vice president, former intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, meeting Egypt’s top army commanders Sunday. The images appeared to be a bid to show that control of the armed forces was still in the hands of Mubarak and his regime.

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