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Winter is Here!!!

A powerful storm which brought heavy rain to the Pacific Northwest, snow to the Rockies and created blizzard condition to upper plains, Canadian Prairies and  Great Lakes states and Provinces is slamming the east coast with rain, wind and snow. If that not enough a  massive Arctic cold outbreak which could shutdown much of the US. From AccuWeather:

A blizzard that dumped nearly two feet of snow in Minnesota on Saturday, stranding thousands of travelers at airports and on roadways, moved on to eastern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and northern Michigan on Sunday.

The heaviest snow and highest winds creating blizzard conditions lashed eastern Wisconsin, including Green Bay, Wis., and northern Illinois. The visibility fell below a quarter of a mile in this zone.

Excessive delays and many cancellations continue at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport with continued visibility issues and de-icing concerns with falling temperatures. Up to half a foot of snow is expected to clobber areas just east of Chicago.

High winds blowing at 50-60 mph is whipping the snow around. Significant drifting of snow is occurring with reports of snow drifts of up to five feet from southern Minnesota and northern Iowa to eastern Wisconsin and northern Michigan.

On Saturday the National Football League canceled the Minnesota Vikings vs New York Giants  game for Sunday on fears that the roof at Mall of America Field aka Metrodome would collapsed. The game moved to  Ford Field in Detroit to play. The NFL and Minnesota Vikings fears came true as a crush of heavy snow piled on the  roof of the stadium caused the caved in early Sunday morning. It was caught on by digital cameras by Fox Sports via NFL.com (Special Thanks to Yahoo Sports)

Travel on many US Interstate Highways  in peril due to rain,snow ice wind and brutal cold has eliminated all travel except essential safety units such as fire, ambulance, emergency and police:

Countless numbers of roads are closed, including across many areas where the falling snow has diminished.

Travel will be extremely dangerous to impossible at times across portions of I-90, I-94, I-39, I-35, I-75 and I-80 through the rest of this weekend.

Numerous accidents and spin-outs have occurred from Nebraska through Wisconsin with extremely poor roadways and whiteout conditions. Stranded vehicles are littering some roads across the region.

Just a week ago the US and Canada was hit by rain snow and cold. This time a massive arctic temperature drop will fall south to Miami and Florida Keys:

While not everyone across the eastern half of the country is dealing with snow or a blizzard this weekend, they will all be facing brutal cold soon if not already.

The coldest air of the season yet is headed for these regions and could end up being the coldest of the entire winter. Many records, especially nighttime lows across the Southeast, will be broken early this week.

Painfully cold, arctic air sweeping across the Midwest has already been driving temperatures well-below zero. Temperatures will remain or plunge back below zero in the Upper Midwest with lows between 10 and 20 below zero across much of Iowa, Minnesota, western Wisconsin and the eastern Dakotas tonight.

Tonight into Monday, the bitter cold will overspread the rest of the eastern half of the country, creating a flash freeze in many places where a storm has made roads wet or slushy. While actual temperatures may not fall below zero, horrendous winds will make it feel that way for millions.

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