Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

Bill Clinton to the Rescue!

Jim Dandy to the Rescue, Jim Dandy to the Rescue. Actually, it’s Bill Clinton to the rescue. President Obama called on former President Clinton to rally the troops on the Democrats side of Congress. From AP via Yahoo News:

No comment? No way. You don’t stop Bill Clinton when he’s back at the White House with something to say.

Well, OK. He and President Barack Obama, two of the most famous men in the world, did need a little help getting a door unlocked first.

But then it was on.

The former president came before surprised reporters to let it be known that he endorsed the tax deal that Obama cut with the Republican Party, even though many Democrats were raising a fuss about it.

And so it became clear pretty quickly that this was Clinton’s show.

“I feel awkward being here, and now you’re going to leave me all by myself,” Clinton said from the stage of the White House briefing room.

Not that awkward.

Clinton comfortably outlined how the pending package of tax cuts, business incentives and unemployment benefits would boost the economy — even though it included tax help for the wealthy that Obama had to swallow.

“There’s never a perfect bipartisan bill in the eyes of a partisan,” Clinton said. “But I really believe this will be a significant net-plus for the country.”

When he finished his pitch, Clinton played the role of humble guy, saying, “So, for whatever it’s worth, that’s what I think.”

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