Democrats Wins Governorship in California Jerry Brown

Good Grief Governor Moonbeam again. You have to wonder do Californians  understand what dire straits the state is in. We just re-elected Governor Jerry Brown. Brown and the Democratic controlled of the state legislature. California is more  $500 Million in hole. Public employee pensions coming due from now to the next five years.( Ironically, Governor Brown will get more bennies as a result of his re-election)

Where the money will come from raising taxes really. Raising taxes during a recession. Raising taxes with sky-high unemployment at 12.6% The equivalent of Santa Clara County out of work (which is over 2.3 million people) This high employment the state will not have the money to pay the debt it owes.

Washington? Now that the GOP has taken the House of Representatives they will not  bailout the state.

Governor Brown plans to announce on Wednesday his plans to get California working. But he didn’t have plans when he ran. Good Grief. When are going to learn.

Watch and see more companies flee the state : Denver, Salt Lake City, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex will get the jobs and California crumbs.

Good Bye Golden State Hello Tarnished State.

LA Times has more


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