Study Finds Legalizing Pot Won’t Affect Mexico Drug Cartels

Mexico’s drug cartels will feel the pinch when California legalize Marijuana. Californians largely grow their own pot, which will affect the cartels in product. However, the cartels won’t be hurt financially; California counts only three percent of total profits.

Legalized marijuana will not stop the violence says Rand Drug Research Policy Center.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Mexico’s drug traffickers are likely to lose customers in America’s largest pot consuming state if California legalizes marijuana, but they won’t lose much money overall because California’s residents already prefer to grow their own, according to a study released Tuesday.

That means the proposal on the state’s November ballot to legalize marijuana also will do little to quell the drug gangs’ violent and sophisticated organizations that generate billions of dollars a year, according to the study by the nonpartisan RAND Drug Policy Research Center.


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