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Progressives, Unions and Civil Rights Groups Rally “One Nation Working Together” in DC

Left Wing groups along with Civil Rights leaders and Union bosses gather in Washington, DC on Saturday in they called the “One Nation Working Together.”

The rally of two rallies countering the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” Rally in Late August. (The other rally will be held at the end of the month also  of the month by Comedy Central hosts Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert).

Members of SEIU, Socialist Party USA,and the UAW  along 400 groups  Supporting President Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

From AP via My Way News:

Left Wing "One Nation Working Together" Rally in Washington,DC- AP

“We’re here to show the rest of the country that there are people who support the progressive agenda,” said Ken Bork, who came from Camas, Wash. But he acknowledged that Republicans are enjoying an advantage heading toward the Nov. 2 election that will determine whether Democrats retain control of Congress.

“There may be an enthusiasm gap, but we’re not going to know until we have an election,” Bork said. “A lot of the noise from the extreme right-wing stuff, it’s been well orchestrated by big money. But it’s not as bad as they’re making it out.”

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By the way the leftists are not very clean.

Trash left behind at Washington Monument at the end of the "One Nation Working Together Rally 10/01/10

Doug Ross has more.

Special Thanks to Jim Hoft/ Gateway Pundit. He has video.

Developing: Al Qaeda Planning New Terror Attacks In Europe

Developing News: Sources say Al Qaeda is planning a series of terror attacks in Europe just as Americans are planning Christmas Vacations and Holidays. From ABC News:

Strong concerns that terrorist teams in Europe have selected their targets, completed their surveillance, eluded capture and are now ready to strike at airports and tourist attractions have prompted the State Department to ready a highly unusual travel advisory for Europe, multiple law enforcement and intelligence sources tell ABC News.

The tactic this involves kidnaping, bombing and shooting victims a La Mumbai:

Intelligence and law enforcement officials have information that the teams could at any time launch a “Mumbai style” terror attack that targets civilians for death or hostage taking. The 2008 Mumbai attack used small arms and explosives to kill 175 people and paralyze the Indian city for days.

The current concerns are for scenarios that include opening fire at airports in Europe as well as executing similar attacks at “soft” targets like tourist attractions or hotels.

Its expected the FBI will announce travel warnings to Americans to be on guard on Sunday.

ABC News has the rest of the story.