President Obama Tries to Capture Election Magic of 2008

Just about one month to the 2010 Midterm Elections President Obama tries to recreate  the election excitement of 2008. The President visit private homes in Virginia, Albuquerque and Iowa to taught his success including health care reform, and the stimulus.

The president went to back to school at the University Of Wisconsin to fire up college students to come out to vote on November 2nd. Obama  rally with union workers in Cleveland.

In the October edition of Rolling Stone Magazine President Obama was critical of Democrats and told them to “Buck Up” and don’t give up and come to voting booth.The voter feel otherwise.Wall Street Journal:

Mary Stier—attending the president’s second of three small “town hall” meetings on a four-state swing this week—told the president of her 24-year-old son, who “campaigned fiercely” for Mr. Obama in 2008, graduated from Simpson College a year and a half ago and still is “struggling to find a job.”

“They are losing their hope,” she said in the backyard of Jeff Clubb, a social studies and religion teacher at a Des Moines Catholic school, and Sandy Clubb, the athletic director of Drake University.

Wall Street Journal has the rest of the story.


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