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Confirmed New York City Struck by Tornadoes

The National Weather Service determine that New York City was struck by a pair of tornadoes and macroburst cell this week.  Powerful thunderstorms  hit portions of Staten Island causing widespread damage.

Brooklyn and Queens was hit by a pair of tornadoes F1 causing damage including downed trees and power lines. The Brooklyn cyclone struck after 5:30 PM. The second tornado struck Queens about 5:40PM. This Cyclone caused a tree topple over on to a car killing a woman. The woman identified as Aline Levakis of Pennsylvania. Her Husband Billy Levakis missed being killed.

A macroburst smashed through Queens on Thursday up rooting trees, power lines damaging cars and buildings. The storm cell made a five miles wide   and was eight mile long. Running from Middle Village is to Forest Hills.

Weather Service officials thought this was a mircroburst.  However, because of the length of the storm was more than 2 1/2 miles; it was classified as a Macroburst.

National Weather Services officials was surprise there was not more injuries or deaths.

“It’s practically a miracle considering the population that was affected by this,” said Kyle Struckmann, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “There are lots of stories of people who came very close to being hit by a big tree and killed, but fortunately there was only one,” He   said Friday. “And that one was really tragic.”

Power was out to 37,000 customers of Consolidated Edison (ConEd) on Thursday by Saturday most of the power was restored.

In Brooklyn six brownstone suffered heavy damage from the storm. Roofs were torn off the homes.

The National Weather Service said the two tornadoes where the ninth and tenth tornadoes to hit the city since 1950.

AP via Yahoo News has more.