Global Warming is Out; Global Climate Disruption is In Says Obama Administration

In the name game of the Obama Administration Global Warming is no longer in thing in Washington. Now it Global Climate Disruption.  White House Science Czar John Holdren announced a week ago in a speech in Oslo, Norway.

Holdren says the phrase Global Warming  may have oversimplified a dangerous situation. He said Global Warming a “dangerous misnomer” that is more complicated that it sounds.

The name changes happens when Congress is adjourning Campaign Season after the August recess. The change is a way to shore up support White House environmental  programs.

“They’re trying to come up with more politically palatable ways to sell some of this stuff,” said Republican pollster Adam Geller, noting that Democrats also rolled out a new logo and now refer to the Bush tax cuts as “middle-class tax cuts.”

“Every time we’re digging our cars out — what global warming?” he said. “(Global climate disruption is) more of a sort of generic blanket term, I guess, that can apply in all weather conditions.”

It’s unclear why Holdren prefers “global climate disruption” over “climate change,” the most commonly used alternative to “global warming.”

The reason Holdren made the change is disruption covers more ground. It affects not only precipitation and  temperatures, It also affects agriculture, drought conditions and the spread of diseases.

Fox News has the rest of the story.


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