Controversial Forbes Magazine Article Has White House in Tizzy

A controversial article in Forbes Magazine has the White House in an uproar. The Forbes article says President Obama is “anti Colonialist.” The theory is that his Father Barack Obama Sr. has as Marxist world view may have influence the President mindset.

Critics focus their attacks against the article writers syndicated columnist Dinesh D’sousa and former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Grinch. The Obama Administration  is focusing on his venom at Forbes Magazine for publishing the article.

“It’s a stunning thing, to see a publication you would see in a dentist’s office, so lacking in truth and fact,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says in an interview. “I think it represents a new low.

Gibbs meeting with the Forbes Washington Bureau chief about the article.  He wonders if he read the article:

“Did they not fact-check this at all, or did they fact-check it and just willfully ignore it?” he asks.

Steve Forbes Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Magazine was not available for comment.  Forbes Magazine issued a statement:

“Dinesh D’Souza’s cover story was presented as an analysis of how the president thinks. No facts are in contention. Forbes stands by the story.”

Washington Post has more.


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