New York City Voting Machines Cause Problems

Today is Primary Day in  New York state and In New York City voting machine glitches causes panic. From WCBS-TV/HDTV “CBS 2 NEWS”:  Delay up to four hours wreak havoc on New York  City because problems with the electronic voting system.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was angry with the new voting system:

“That is a royal screw-up and it’s completely unacceptable,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

There were a whole host of problems  with opening precincts including Missing voting machines, voting machine not working, missing emergency ballots and poll workers overwhelmed to handle the situation.

The worst of all precincts not open to voters:

One polling place at 38 Water St., in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn was still closed at 8:30 Tuesday morning, two and a half hours after its scheduled 6 a.m. start.

Another polling place at 350 Fifth Ave. in Park Slope still wasn’t open at 8:15 a.m.

And most ironic, one at 339 8th St. — Camp Friendship — didn’t open until after 9, because the keys to open the voting machines didn’t arrive.

That didn’t sit well with New York City’s Public Advocate Bill De Blasio:

“Literally we have right now thousands from what I’ve heard already, could be 10,000 New Yorkers turned away, didn’t get to vote, may not get to vote, and that’s outrageous,” de Blasio said.

“Unfortunately, this could decide the election in some cases, literally, which machines were working and which weren’t, could decide this election.

Bloomberg blames the city’s Board of Elections:

“The board is a remnant of the days when Tammany Hall ran New York. New Yorkers deserve better than this and the time has come to fix it,” Bloomberg said.

Voters were none to please with screw-ups:

“I got there at 6:20 a.m. They hadn’t plugged the machines in yet. They weren’t sure how to sign people in. They signed me in, they first gave me a Republican ballot instead of a Democratic ballot,” Judi Wind, a Lower East Side resident, told CBS 2′s Kathryn Brown reports.

State of New York Board of Elections speakers John Conklin says the glitches are common at this stage of the game:

“As far as we’re concerned, it’s the normal amount for an election day,” Conklin said.



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