More Tea Party Victories: O’Donnell beat Rep.Castle for Delaware Senate Race

Tea Party momentum grows as the US Senate Race in Delaware goes to virtual unknown Christine O’Donnell to become the Republican Nominee.( I must confess I didn’t cover this and many other races. ) Castle who has been a 44 year stalwart of Delaware GOP politics both at the State and National level has conceded the race to her.

Many Republican activists back the veteran Castle who until today won all of his political battles. While the Tea Party members went for O’Donnell. O’Donnell was also backed by For Alaska Governor and Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin and US Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC).

Immediately after her victory the National Republican Senatorial Committee said they would not fund O’ Donnell.

In other races from AP via Yahoo News:

In Wisconsin, businessman Ron Johnson defeated two minor opponents for the Republican nomination to oppose three-term Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold in November in what polls show is a tight race. Johnson has said he will spend millions of his own money to finance his campaign through Election Day.

In New York, Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo faced no opposition for the party’s nomination for governor, and he will be the prohibitive favorite in the fall for an office his father held for three terms.

Political novice Carl Paladino, a wealthy developer who enjoyed tea party support, defeated Rep. Rick Lazio for the Republican nomination. Lazio angled for the conservative nomination and a spot on the November ballot anyway.

In Maryland, former Republican Gov. Bob Ehrlich won the nomination for a rematch against the man who ousted him from office in 2006, Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley.

In Wisconsin, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker defeated former Rep. Mark Neumann for the Republican nomination for governor. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic nomination.

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