9/11 Never Forget

Nine years after the Greatest act of War in American History we must never forget of the men, women and children who perish at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and farm field in Shanksville,PA when four planes were commandeer by 19 men who hijack the various planes from New York and Boston. To provoke a nation to war.

Today as we remember, do not be fooled by some who say America overreacted, or Saddam Hussein was becoming moderate; there is no proof. To say the US overreacted is to say we should not be angry or want to fight back because of the outcomes of  wars. These critics would say the same thing about World War II in 1942-43 the low point in last twin theater in Japan/Asia and Germany/Europe. They and our military died for freedom and liberty for all.

The 9/11 Commission said that Radical Islam is at war us even though were not a war with them.


That said I still feel that a Mosque shouldn’t be built so close to Ground Zero site.  There is much pain to the family,friends other fellow Americans still struggle with this nine years later. Another site maybe ten blocks to a quarter of a mile would be sufficient.

I disagree with down who desecrated the Koran today. For Christian, Catholics and Jews were and are better than that. We do not need to stoop down to their level. We  respect for other religions. I know payback is B_ _ _ch but this not the way to do it. Yes, I do respect the people right to do so under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. I oppose desecrating Holy books and religious buildings. But They have right to do it.

In Proverbs it better to treat other well like placing hot coal upon their heads meaning treat you enemies with respect they will see you differently and treat you respect.

America must stand her ground and don’t allow as become Shar’ia compliant. Our constitution does not allow for that either.


We are the United States of America and we blessed by God as an exceptional people. All people, all races, religions are welcome.


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