Developing Story: 1 Person is Dead, Several Injuries as a Gas Main Explodes in San Bruno,CA

One person killed several people injured when a gas main ruptured causing a massive explosion in San Bruno,CA. The explosion destroyed 53 homes and damage 120 others.

By 11PM Firefighters had the fire 50% under control. Officials say they have suspending search and rescue mission. The search resumes at daybreak.

Pacific Gas and Electric the Bay Area utility confirm the 24 feet gas main was the cause of the explosion and fire. The explosion created a 25 x 30, 15 ft deep crater on the intersection of Glenview Drive and Earl Ave. PG&E workers are attempting to shut natural gas from this neighborhood.


(California)Lieutenant Gov. Abel Maldonado has declared a state of emergency in the area and will visit Friday afternoon. (Maldonado is acting governor while Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of the country.)

People as far as one-half mile away say they felt the boom and heat of the explosion.

The San Mateo County Sheriff activated the reverse-911 system to alert people in a three-quarter mile radius of a voluntary evacuation.

For those people who are still trying to locate family members or make other accommodations, a second shelter was set up at the Church of the Highlands at 1900 Monterey Dr. to act as a receiving center.

The city of San Bruno is asking residents in the impacted to check-in with Red Cross officials to let them know they are safe. They can check-in in person or by calling 650-616-7180. A local state of emergency has been declared.

The PETCO at the Tanforan shopping center is offering overnight shelter for small animals.

Read it all.


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