Two American Soldiers Killed in Iraq the First Deaths Since Combat Operation Ended

Two American Soldiers killed on Tuesday as a the were ambushed by an Iraqi Army Soldier. The Iraqi soldier injured nine others in Northern Iraq.

The attack to place in an Iraqi Commando in Salaheddin province city of Tuz. The US Army reports. The solider was killed.

From CNN:

Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, a Defense Ministry spokesman, identified the shooter as Soran Rahman, from the Iraqi army’s 4th Division.

Al-Askari said Rahman got into a fight with U.S. soldiers, and then pulled his weapon and fired on them before he was shot dead. The spokesman said a joint U.S.-Iraqi investigation into the incident was under way.

The soldiers were part of a security element for a U.S. company commander who was meeting with members of Iraqi security forces at the compound.

“This is a tragic and cowardly act, which I firmly believe was an isolated incident and is certainly not reflective of the Iraqi security forces” in Salaheddin, said Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo, commander, Task Force Marne.

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