Oil Rig Explosion Give Louisana and FEMA A Scare

FEMA and Louisiana are breathing a sigh of relief Thursday after an oil rig exploded  and caught fire. Thirteen rig workers of Marine Energy abandon the rig and jumped into Gulf of Mexico.

Marine Energy requested three fire boats to the scene in the Gulf 80 miles from Vermilion Bay,LA.

Initially, the Coast Guard reported a sheen of oil in the water around the rig. On further inspection that was not oil.

The rig fire and explosion was reported to the Coast Guard at 9:19 AM Central Daylight Time by workers on an adjacent rig. Coast Guard helicopter pilot saw the rig workers  in the water. Rescue workers from Coast Guard cutters and  helicopters, plucked the workers out of the water. There were taken to Terrebonne Regional Medical Center in Houma.

According to Marine Energy there are seven wells on the rig. One well caught fire but all wells were shut down.

WAFB-TV / HD “WAFB 9 News.”


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