Radical Environmental Loner Takes Hostages At Discovery Channel Headquarters

A lone gunman was killed on Wednesday by police after taking three people hostage at the Discovery Communications network headquarters in Maryland.

Around one p.m. a person identified by Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger as 42-year-old as James  Lee of Washington,DC; an environmental activist loaded with a gun and vest as that was supposed to be a bomb enter cable network in Silver Spring,MD in suburban Washington,DC.

Lee had a rambling manifesto in which he complained about Discovery’s The Learning Channel( TLC ) programs involving babies  including “A Baby Story” and “19 and Counting”. Lee wanted the network focus on environmental programs. “disgusting human babies,” “parasitic infants,” and says people should “disassemble civilization.” The manifesto also calls on Discovery to “broadcast to the world their commitment to save the planet.” ( Ironically, Discovery has a property called “Discovery Green” which debut in 2008 which focus on the environment.)

Two years ago Lee held a series  of protests at Discovery headquarter which he espoused his environmental views. He was arrested by Montgomery County Police.  The Judge in case warned him if he came near the cable network He would place in Montgomery County Jail for 60 days.

Employees were evacuated out of the building. The company’s daycare center was evacuated with toddler and infants in cribs wheeled out of the building too. Discovery Communications security depart sent out an announcement of the gunman.

“We have reason to believe there is an armed gunman at One Discovery Place. All employees should seek protection in a locked office on their respective floors immediately,” read an email sent to employees and read over the public address system.

ABC News was notified from someone at Discovery.”There’s a guy with a gun in the lobby. Police are swarming in — assault rifles and all,” one producer told ABCNews.com via instant message.

ABC NEWS has more.


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