End of a Political Dynasty US Sen. Lisa Murkowski Defeated by Tea Party Activist Joe Miller

An end of an era in Alaska as US Senator Lisa Murkowski was defeated by a little known lawyer named Joe Miller for the Republican Nomination for senate. Murkowski conceded defeat to Miller late Tuesday.

We all know that this has been a long week, a terribly long week,” she said at campaign headquarters while conceding.

She said that while there were still outstanding votes, “I don’t see a scenario where the primary will turn out in my favor, and that is a reality that is before me at this point in time.”

“And for that reason, and for the good of the state of Alaska … I am now conceding the race for the Republican nomination.”

Murkowski was behind Miller 1660 votes.

Miller accepted gracious concession from the  senator. Now  he looking forward to November election. And the dependence of money from Washington.

“We have to be prepared for that, and the way to do it, of course, is to progressionally transfer holdings of the federal government to us,” he said. “And of course, also by reducing federal regulatory burdens over the lands that we do control so that we can develop them more freely and more economically.”

Murkowski is the daughter  of legendary US Senator Frank Murkowski who served Alaska in the US Senate from 1980-2002 when the senior Murkowski ran for and won the governorship of Alaska in 2002.  The senior Murkowski appointed his daughter to replace him in the Senate to finish his term.

The election is seen as a referendum on Washington and the power of Tea Party activist and the influence by former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice President nominee Sarah Palin.

AP via Yahoo News.


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