President Obama Meme It’s Bush’s Fault For the Economy; While Gallup has GOP up by 10 Over Democrats

President Obama America’s Man-child leader complains about George W. Bush again. In a speech in Rose Garden the President blamed the previous administration for the economy. Obama blames the Republicans in the US Senate for not passing the bill for tax cuts for small business.

Mr. President please give this blame game up. Please! This is now your responsibility you have been president since January 2009. Your plans, schemes have failed. This isn’t leadership. This is a petulant child behavior. It must stop.

The recent poll by Gallup has given the GOP a 10 point lead in the generic congressional ballot(10 point lead;unheard of in American politics) by Gallup Organization. This is the first time in Gallup’s history. Change direction now or face political peril on November 2,2010.

Breitbart News via You Tube.

Gallup Organization


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