Net Neutrality Proponents Loses Conservative Support Group Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America a major supporter of Net Neutrality has pulled out of internet coalition because left-week sponsors including ACLU and ACORN. GOA is afraid the Net Neutrality program will mean strict government control.

On a blog Red State they questions GOA membership in Save the Internet because of liberal groups. Red State says Save the Internet “neo-Marxist Robert McChesney-FreePress/Save the Internet think tank” and questioned why GOA would participate in a coalition that includes liberal groups such as the ACLU, MoveOn.Org, SEIU, CREDO and ACORN.

Gun Owners of America was a charter founding member of Save the Internet, but now they are out.

“Back in 2006 we supported net neutrality, as we had been concerned that AOL and others might continue to block pro-second amendment issues,” said Erich Pratt, communications director for GOA.

“The issue has now become one of government control of the Internet, and we are 100 percent opposed to that,” Pratt said.

Tim Farr campaign director of Save the Internet says the election season that causes some supporters question the members of campaign and become politicized.

“Anytime you approach an election, these issues tend to be politicized,” he said.

Farr points out that Christian Coalition and Parents Television Council are conservative members of Save the Internet.

The Hill


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