Robert F Kennedy School in LA is the Most Expensive Public School in America

The latest Los Angeles Unified School District campus is the most expensive school in America.  The cost of the school is a staggering $578 Billion (yes $ 578 Billion ).Robert F. Kennedy Community School named for former Congressman, US Attorney General, Presidential Candidate and brother of President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Kennedy who  killed in June  1968 in the  Former Ambassador Hotel .

Robert Kennedy School is one three new schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District that cost well over $100 million. The other schools include $377 Million Edward Roybal Learning Center opened in 2008 and  Visual and Performance Art High School which cost $232 Million opened in 2009.

Robert Kennedy School( This is the second Kennedy School in LAUSD; RFK school is in Koreatown district while the John F. Kennedy High School in LA’s Granada Hills neighborhood in the Northwest San Fernando Valley. Confusing I know but This is  LAUSD! Go Figure.  If you a high school freshman attending either Kennedy School you need to go by the initials and remember JFK in the  Valley  RFK in Midtown.) will have 42oo students serving K-12th grade

The school supports cite the design a factor which will improve the learning experience:

“There’s no more of the old, windowless cinderblock schools of the ’70s where kids felt, ‘Oh, back to jail,'” said Joe Agron, editor-in-chief of American School & University, a school construction journal. “Districts want a showpiece for the community, a really impressive environment for learning.”

Not everyone is impressed. Critics say its a waste of money in school district which high dropout rate like LAUSD:

“New buildings are nice, but when they’re run by the same people who’ve given us a 50 percent dropout rate, they’re a big waste of taxpayer money,” said Ben Austin, executive director of Parent Revolution who sits on the California Board of Education. “Parents aren’t fooled.”

RFK has a marble statue of it namesake on its grounds, a state of the art swimming pool, murals; a public park and part of the Ambassador Hotel incorporated in the design.

The new schools comes when LAUSD is facing $650 billion short fall, programs eliminated  and 3000 fired due to budget cuts.

AP  via Yahoo News


2 responses to “Robert F Kennedy School in LA is the Most Expensive Public School in America

  1. Are you insane? $578 billion…

    check your math/facts before you go and post your thoughts online

    I agree it is ridiculous to build a school that costs $578 million, but
    it’s ridiculous you typed “billion” multiple times without realizing the monumental difference between the two numbers.

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