Iran Goes Nuclear: Starts Reactor Today

It’s has been a long time coming but it’s here. Today, Iran will start its nuclear reactor in Bushehar,Iran. The event marks a milestone in the Middle East because Iran’s goal to get nuclear energy is complete.

Iran will load the fuel rods at the reactor. While Russia will supervise the operations and to keep nuclear fuel from being used to make nuclear weapons.

“The startup operations will be a big success for Iran,” conservative lawmaker Javad Karimi said in Tehran. “It also shows Iran’s resolve and capability in pursuing its nuclear activities.”

The US and West did not oppose the nuclear reactor believing the plant used go generate electricity.

Critics say Iran violated UN Security Council sanctions to slow down Iran’s nuclear ambitions to become nuclear power.  US, UN and Russia are concerned that Iran will continue its uranium enrichment program which become the fuel for nuclear weapons.

Gary Samore,  The White House adviser on nuclear issues told the New York Times It could take a year for Iran to process low-grade uranium to weapons grade materials.

AP via Yahoo News


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