US May Ease Travel Restrictions to Cuba

The Obama Administration is considering removing some of the travel restrictions to Cuba.

The plan would allow, religious groups, medical aid organizations and journalists to travel to Cuba. Families also have opportunity to visit loved ones and distant relatives.

The loosening of restrictions was first done by Former President Bill Clinton says a congressional aide. The aide who  remains anonymous  because the don’t have a authority to speak officially says this start up when Congress return from August recess in Early September.  The restrictions loosen by before the  November elections.

Some members of Congress included Sen. John Kerry(D-MA) Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee wants looser restrictions to promote travel and trade restrictions. In addition business and pro-democracy groups also call for loosen travel restriction because it has been ineffective in bringing down the Castro Regime.”There will be a huge emphasis on people-to-people travel. That is (the Obama administration’s) whole mantra. That’s what they’re talking about,” said Sarah Stephens, executive director of Center for Democracy in the Americas, a non-profit group in Washington that opposes sanctions against Cuba.

Foreign Trade avdocates says it time to change. Cuba will begin to drill for oil in their portion of Gulf of Oil. The US could miss out. Jake Colvin of National Foreign Trade Council says with the loosening of restrictions would allow more US airports  to offer more flights to Cuba.

Critics of the new scheme say its a mistake and the government should not relax restrictions on Cuba.

Reuters via Yahoo News.


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