National Guard Begins Deployment to US/ Mexico Border Brings Confusion and Anger

Today start the deployment of the US National Guard to the US / Mexico border.  But Arizona politicians  misunderstood the August 1st date. They thought all the 524 national guard troop members would be on the border today.

The reality is that 1200 troops deployment  will take 90 days to complete. The news didn’t set well with Sen. John Mc Cain(R-AZ) “This administration seems to promise a lot and then when you get into the fine print, it just doesn’t happen,” said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who has called for 6,000 National Guard troops.

Asked whether he been briefed on what role the troops would play, McCain said, “We have not been briefed, and we have asked for briefing both in writing and verbally, and the answer is,’we’ll get back to you.'”

Homeland Security Department officials  said the state leaders did not understand the scheduling:

“Troops will be there this Sunday as planned,” a Homeland Security spokesman said. “This is the beginning deployment stage. There is a ramp-up time and troops will be trained. Nothing has changed in our world.”

But the National Guard Bureau in Virginia says the date has been “over interpreted” and they’ve always had 90 days to reach full deployment across the southern border states.

A spokesperson for the Arizona National Guard said the application

process is now beginning.

In addition, California  will receive 224 troops , New Mexico receive 72,  and Texas with the longest part of  border with Mexico  will only get 250.

From Fox News


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