Al Qaeda Number Two Warn US of Future Attacks

Al Qaeda Number two Ayman Zawahiri  sent out warnings to US on Wednesday. From ABC News:

“Oh American people…We offered you a peace plan, and mutual benefit; but your governments were proud and haughty, and so the attacks against you followed one after another, everywhere – from Indonesia to Times Square, by way of Madrid and London. And the attacks are ongoing, and more will come one after another,” said Zawahiri, according to a transcript provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute, based in Washington, DC.

Zawahiri resolute in the claim that Al Qaeda will be victorious in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Former US National Security Adviser Richard Clarke, now an ABC News Terrorism consultant says there has not been any correlations between Zawahiri and the threats:

“U.S. government and counterterrorism officials are not going to increase their alert based on Zawahiri’s statement, because of his previous track record,” Clarke said. “But they’re on relatively high alert already because of the increase in homegrown terrorist threats related to al Qaeda.”


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