Sen. Al Franken Says Republican Congress Means Trouble

Sen. Al Franken warns if the Republicans take over Congress in November  they will, “…they’ll implement a truly dangerous agenda,” Franken spoken at the  Netroots Nation gathering in Las Vegas convention of left-wing blogs. “Everything is on the table, from repealing healthcare reform to privatizing Social Security.”

Franken warns about two Republicans Nominees  for Senate Rand Paul from Kentucky and Sharon Angle from Nevada. Franken says Paul is Against the Civil Rights Law of 1964. Angle, the senator says “who can’t stop bringing up the prospect of armed revolt.”

Franken also complains Republican congressmen Joe Barton(TX) and Darrell Issa(CA).  Rep. Barton who earlier this year apologized to outgoing BP Chairman Tony Hayward for the partisan treatment by Democrats doing the hearing on the BP oil spill.  The senator say Barton would become the House Energy Committee setting energy policy.

Franken also railed against Rep. Issa saying “Darrell Issa is promising to double his staff and embark on a witch-hunt in the hopes of bringing down the Obama administration.” Being in the majority, Democrats currently have twice as many staff as Republicans on the Oversight Committee.

When Rep. Issa got wind of Sen. Franken remarks  said

“Obviously, Senator Franken is reading from the same misguided playbook that Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and shares her belief that a Democratic Congress should give this administration immunity from legitimate questions and appropriate accountability,” Issa wrote. “Their statements are indicative of the desperate state their Majority is in and if the best case they can make is to caution the American people against the dangers of conducting legitimate and vigorous oversight, they is welcome to make that case.

“The fact of the matter is oversight should be done vigorously and effectively — even if it raises uncomfortable questions for the Obama White House and Democratic congressional leaders.”

The Hill


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