Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitional in Massachusetts

A major setback for conservative pro-family groups as US Federal Court in Massachusetts Rules the D.O.M.A:Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. US Federal District Court Judge Joseph L. Tauro said DOMA violates the constitutional rights of same-sex couples.

Opponents of the Federal Law hailed the decision vindication the belief that same-sex couples should have the same privileges as heterosexuals. The Gay and Lesbian Avdocates and Defenders filed a suit in Boston Federal Court March 2009 against DOMA on behalf of 7 same-sex couples and three widowers in Massachusetts .

“Today the court simply affirmed that our country won’t tolerate second-class marriages,” said Mary Bonauto, a lawyer from the group who argued successfully in the 2003 Supreme Judicial Court case that first legalized same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. “This ruling will make a real difference for countless families in Massachusetts.”

Supporters of the bill were outraged of the decision. Kris Mineau, president of Massachusetts Family Institute called it “another blatant example of a judge playing legislator.”

“Same-sex marriage activists have tried time and time again to win public approval of their agenda, and they have failed each time,” Mineau said in a statement. “This is why their strategy is to force same-sex ‘marriage’ through judicial fiat, as they did here in Massachusetts and other states.”

He said he was “confident that an appeals court, and ultimately the Supreme Court, will uphold the government’s right to define marriage, strengthening and protecting children and families.”

Boston Globe


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