Heat Wave Continues to Blast the East Coast

Heat Wave continues  in the East Coast and Upper Midwest on Wednesday Smashing temperatures records in very low 100’s.From Accuweather:

A blazing heat wave continued to grip the Northeast on Wednesday, leading to more triple-digit-heat along the Interstate 95 corridor and record highs throughout the region.

Temperatures on Wednesday cracked the century mark from Connecticut to Virginia. Triple-digit-heat even expanded southward into central South Carolina.

Highs in the 90s were common elsewhere across the Northeast. Only the shores of the eastern Great Lakes and the New England coastline escaped the 90-degree heat, the first signs of relief from this heat wave.

Wednesday’s sizzling temperatures set numerous record highs from New England to North Carolina.

As was the case on Tuesday, all three reporting stations in New York City measured triple-digit-heat and set new record highs. The city’s Central Park topped out at 100 degrees, breaking the previous record of 98 degrees from 1993.

A sampling of other record highs broken on Wednesday is given below with the old record in parenthesis.

–Richmond, Va.: 104 degrees (103 degrees from 1977)

–Philadelphia, Pa.: 103 degrees (98 degrees from 1994)

–Trenton, N.J.: 103 degrees (99 degrees from 1993)

–Wilmington, Dela.: 103 degrees (98 degrees from 1897)

–Raleigh-Durham, N.C.: 102 degrees (100 degrees from 1977)

–Washington, D.C. (Reagan National Airport): 102 degrees (99 degrees from 1991)

–Baltimore, Md.: 101 degrees (99 degrees from 1993)

Temperatures will be better on Thursday but you will not notice the difference because the humidity will be high.

Over the weekend, the temperatures will return to normal between Low to Mid 80’s. But will rise into the low 90’s early next week.

AccuWeather has the rest of the story.


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