Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Unemployment Checks is the Fastest Way to Create Jobs

Hey San Francisco and Marin Counties: Why in the world do you keep House of Representative  Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) Huh??? I  mean I know she a Democrat and Liberal but come on now She’s idiotic. If  you don’t believe me watch this video from her weekly press conference on Thursday:

Really, Unemployment Checks is one of the fastest way to create jobs. If so Madame Speaker, Why, oh Why the unemployment rate continues to hover around the 10% range? The Unemployment rate should be at 2% or 3%. Your logic escapes me!!!! Unemployment is a 99 weeks which is unprecedented. I have been on unemployment insurance twice and it lasted  a few months. I could not live off of it especially I was earning slightly less than minimum wage. I was grateful however,I was never was on it that long.

This approach of Keynesian economics is just not working particular with only 4%, 4 Percent of stimulus went to infrastructure projects. So much for Shovel ready jobs. We need to change course Cutting taxes works. It always works.  Will we change course??? NO, Democrats are Hellbent, and when you’re hellbent you just don’t give a Damn!

Video courtesy of Breitbart.tv


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